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WWE conference call news and notes


* Vince McMahon opened the call talking about growing 5% in profits attributed to home video and PPV. This was offset by an impairment from WWE Studios, domestic television sales being off around two hours (NXT and Superstars) and licensing being down. Average attendance per event was 4,100. Television ratings remained flat (touted as good news since they didn’t decline), but PPV numbers continue to struggle.

* McMahon talked about “turning the corner” in regards to the development of the new WWE Network and that everyone could expect a big announcement shortly.

* The company has a war chest of $181 million in cash and assets.

* It was noted that NXT and Superstars would be heading to the new network.

* When asked about the launch of the WWE Network, McMahon said they are on projected schedule. When another question was asked about other networks launching (like Oprah Winfrey’s for example) and if it gave them any pause. McMahon said Oprah’s network is a failure because she isn’t doing what she does best. He talked about understanding what the audience wants and how they will give that to them with a variety of shows.

* When asked about the decline in toy sales, it was noted that the action figure market has been hit hard in the last year. McMahon said they were not happy with the initial results in the partnership with Mattel.

* In regards to why they continue to pump out new films under WWE Studios despite them not being a huge success, McMahon said they are adjusting strategy with the studio and seemed to hint they could be backing off from it soon.

* Success in Mexico recently and overseas markets was mentioned.

* When a question was asked about a “buzz” being created back in July around Money in the Bank that seemed to settle back down, McMahon seemed confused by the question and felt the company still has a buzz around it. When asked how long it would take to get creative back on track leading to increased revenue, McMahon said he has been doing this for “50 years” and remains just as optimistic today as he ever did.

* It was revealed that THQ will be launching a Facebook-based WWE game.

* The new partnership with YouTube is mentioned. McMahon said they feel there is more of a demand for contact now than ever before.

* WWE’s video library was brought up noting they have around 100,000 hours with 30,000 hours digitized so far. Those 30,000 hours will be used for the initial launch of the network and will continue to digitize more.

* When asked about the Monday Night Raw contract with NBC Universal on the USA Network, it was revealed the deal runs through October 2014.

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  1. chris says:

    Things I would like to see on the WWE Network:

    Most Important, classic matches, both WWE and non WWE, with original announcers, not Cole overdubs.

    Next, reairing of classic shows, as the were when they ran on TV. It would be really cool to see old Superstars and wrestling challenge shows from the 1980’s

    Third, bring back the live event broadcast of MSG shows. It was standard in the 80’s-90’s that all MSG non ppv or tv events were actually broadcast on the MSG network.

    It wouldn’t hurt also to air a special centered around FCW, and how those are the superstars of the future.

    And finally, a where are they now special on old stars like Marty Jannetty, Tatanka, Iron Mike Sharpe, etc. This can follow in suit with special shows that pay tribute to the likes of Junkyard dog, Kerry Von erich, Mr. Perfect, and others who are no longer with us.

    But I do have one question: How is the WWE going to promote network content that runs again Raw and Smackdown? You don’t think they will air paid programming during prime time, do you?

  2. Brock says:

    I would assume that they will air old shows or cards in those slots as to night put original programming up against their ratings shows. But I would imagine they will have original programming as a lead in to Raw and Smackdown, as well as directly following Raw and Smackdown.. Plus there will be NXT on Tuedays, Superstars on Wed. and probably FCW on Wednsdays and then something on Thursday in the Impact time slot just to put the final nail into the coffin for TNA.

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