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Smackdown SPOILERS from Greenville, SC

To air on 11/4:

– Randy Orton defeated Cody Rhodes in a Street Fight. After the match, Orton put one of Cody’s paper bags on his opponent’s head.

– Ted DiBiase defeated Tyson Kidd

– Backstage angle with Mark Henry and Daniel Bryan sets up Henry vs. Bryan for tonight.

– Alicia Fox defeated Natalya

– The Big Show, walking to the ring with a live mic, said he and Henry have some unfinished business. Christian buts in and notes that Big Show blew his title opportunity. Christian ends up insulting the fans and getting chokeslamed.

– Sheamus vs. Christian doesn’t happen with Christian unable to wrestle after the chokeslam. Wade Barrett comes out and takes Christian’s place.

– Wade Barrett defeated Shemaus after Christian interfered. After the match, Christian spears Sheamus.

– Backstage, Big Show tells Bryan he has his back tonight.

– Vignette for Brodus Clay.

– Sin Cara defeated Primo via DQ after Hunico ambushes Sin Cara.

– Mark Henry defeated Daniel Bryan via DQ after the Big Show KO punches Henry. Bryan considered cashing in his money in the bank shot, but Henry recovered and hit the World’s Strongest Slam on Bryan. Henry takes on his frustration on the Big Show by clobbering him with the MITB briefcase.

– Teddy Long makes Mark Henry vs. Big Show for the World title at the Survivor Series official.

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20 Responses

  1. AJ Starr says:

    If they are just going to have Rhodes job all the time to Orton, get the IC belt off him! They’re ruining the credibility of the title by constantly having the Champ job!

  2. Criss Brian says:

    AJ, they ruined the credibility for all the titles a long time ago

  3. Rusty Shackleford says:

    So much for Airijuana dropping the tag titles tonight

  4. dan says:

    @AJ didnt randy win the title at vengeance?

  5. Jono K says:

    @dan it was a non-title match at Vengeance

    Pretty average show again…

  6. ILoveWcw says:

    @dan No……… Did you even watch?

  7. Jonathan says:

    @Dan it was a non- title match.

  8. Cody T. says:

    @Dan, it was a non-title match.

    I’m glad to see Barrett winning on both shows this week, and its good to see them teasing a Bryan cash in. Should be an interesting moment this week.

  9. matt says:

    @dan it was a non-title match for whatever reason

  10. Ahmad says:

    So much for changing the IC title WWE……..having Rhodes constantly job to one of the Golden Boys isnt helping its legitimacy at all

  11. Nuff Said says:

    @ ILoveWcw Not everyone wastes good money on these crap PPV’s, especially in today’s economic society!!

  12. Simon says:

    Geez, people complain about Triple H and Undertaker never jobbing but damn, Randy Orton is as bad too and I’m happy that the title is away from him and I really do get annoyed from him. Even though, Triple H and Taker would job every once in a while when things do matter but Orton had never lost especially in long feuds (last time, Taker had a feud with Kane last year and he lost all 3 matches for that matter) against Cody Rhodes in their series of matches together.

  13. ak91 says:

    Sometimes, you people are using the term “jobbing” in the wrong way. There’s a difference between losing in a big match and jobbing.

  14. Hans says:

    Simon I would hardly call Taker losing to Kane jobbing. That’s a big feud, not to mention historic.

  15. Chief says:

    But I do agree wit Simon… Orton is the Cena of Smackdown

  16. Becaa212 says:

    I don’t know why you’re getting mad at Orton like it’s his choice and he tells Vince that he’s gonna beat everyone every week. Get mad at the writers damn it. You get the fans saying they’re happy Orton is out of the title picture but then still complain when he beats Rhodes a few times. Rhodes has beaten Orton a few times too and cost him matches. It’s called a fued. That’s how it works

  17. dave says:

    This is the problem with internet fans. Everyone’s an insider.

  18. MIKE M says:

    airboom and cody have not really won much since getting the belts kinda sad and pointless.

  19. Gentleman GAGA says:

    Does the WWE have a fetish for burying Christian at all possible costs? And one for making Blandy Randi seem like some unstoppable monster?

  20. AJ Starr says:

    Randy takes his real life bitch fits to the ring… adds a few push-ups to them, and WWE thinks it draws money.

    The guy doesn’t even look like he could take Piper, at Piper’s age, in a fist fight.

    Sometimes I wonder if the parents of these 2nd and 3rd generation wrestlers ever wonder what the hell the promoter is thinking pushing their kids.

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