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Evan Bourne comments after suspension

Following the public announcement of his suspension today, Evan Bourne wrote on Twitter: “Love you guys! I’ll be back in a flash. Air Boom will not be

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5 Responses

  1. The real Phillip says:

    That’s it? Sydal better get it together…

  2. Jayce says:

    He should have said: Hey! Love you guys! Sorry to Kofi and our fans! Be back soon (if I’m not future endeavored) airBoom will not be derailed!

  3. korey parker says:

    now they’re going to have Typer Black of FCW cut his hair, join air boom, then Sydal will come back as Sydal Blue vs Sydal Negro lol

  4. Fisha695 says:

    Throw Justin Gabriel in there (keep him off the mic though) and nobody will know the difference.

  5. yeah says:

    I would probably do drugs if I was a pro wrestler and had to work with the Muppets

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