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Kevin Nash storyline update

John Laurinaitis via Twitter:

Just wanted the WWE Universe to know that I have signed Kevin Nash.

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  1. Sean B says:

    again? wasn’t he signed a few weeks back?

  2. #AreYouSeriousBro says:

    This just in kevin nash has torn his quad after getting up from his chair!

  3. Silenzi says:

    Yes i cant wait to see this feud.. Think they are gonna make Nash look like the old Nash the Diesel nash

  4. does Mr. Future endeavor even have followers?

  5. Captain Ass says:

    I just want you guys to know that when you have many knee issues and surgeries over the years that it’s really not hard to tear muscles in your joints. So while it’s fun to make fun of Nash’s knee issues and his quad tears, it’s actually a serious issue and it ends careers in football and it has in wrestling too. Nobody deserves that fate, not even Kevin Nash. So for you soulless, uneducated idiots, keep on making fun of something you don’t understand. I’m not defending Nash, I’m defending his physical issues.

  6. korey parker says:

    They signed Hall’s son…..maybe something could come of that?

  7. Mackdeezy says:

    Not like he wasn’t fired in the first place, it’s all kayfabe, that bs about “not getting paid enough” was bs considering he was being paid well for a legends contract…. Not trying to start nothing but if you believed he was fired in the first place you probably forgot the meaning of the word “storyline”

  8. Bommaniac says:

    The next Kevin Nash fued will be against his knees.

  9. matt says:

    well if nash has all the serious knee problems captain ass then he should obviously stop with the wrestling, if he ends up in a wheelchair becausse hes to stupid to stop wrestling thats his own fault. i have no pity on a person who cant walk away

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