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Former WWE superstar diagnosed with cancer

Former WWE superstar Jacgues Rougeau (The Mountie and a WWF Tag Team Champion as part of the Rougeau Brothers), has been diagnosed with prostate cancer. Rougeau was diagnosed after some testing, but is getting some further tests to confirm. He has had issues in the past, including kidney stones, that could be the cause although there is also a family history of the disease.


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  1. ACC says:

    Actually The Rougeau Bros. didn’t ever win the titles officialy but The Quebecers did. My thoughts and prayers are with Jacgues Rougeau

  2. Adam says:

    And he is also a former IC champion. and my prayers are with him

  3. John says:

    Get well soon Jacques!

  4. Ian says:

    Get well soon Jacques.

  5. straightedge_shooter says:

    He is handsome, brave and strong! He will beat it!

  6. Rodney says:

    From Jacques himself, he was not diagnosed with cancer… yet.

    He does have an abnormally huge prostate and there is a 1/5 chance it’s very dangerous, but nothing is known just yet.

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