WWE News and Notes

Oct 27, 2011 - by Steve Gerweck

– 10/12 Raw show from Oklahoma City did 444,000 Canadian viewers, way up from usual levels. The 10/5 show had done 367,000.

– The 10/22 Corpus Christi house show drew 6,200 fans and $208,000.

– Vince McMahon went nuts a few week’s back when he saw one of Ryder’s t-shirts which read, “Take care, spike your hair.” Apparently he hated the idea of a WWE shirt with the word “spike” on it due to TNA being on Spike TV.

– Undertaker and wife Michelle McCool were backstage visitors at Raw on Monday afternoon in Austin, TX. The couple are local to the area.

(information from the Wrestling Observer and Globe Newsletters were used in this report)

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