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News on CM Punk, Randy Orton, Dolph Ziggler, and more

– The early word is that Randy Orton is penciled in to win the Royal Rumble in January, then again, the Rumble will be Orton’s hometown of St. Louis, so all bets are off.

– The Raw talent that wasn’t booked for the Raw show in Dallas were allowed to leave Saturday morning from the recent Mexican tour, and WWE even provided transportation.

– As a part of CM Punk’s new WWE deal, he gets first class airfare, as well as his own touring bus. These are both considered perks for “top guys” in the company.

– Dolph Ziggler have been receiving rave reviews on his interviews, with the feeling he is coming off as a star.

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  1. Alicia says:

    Any News on Triple H? No News is good news i supose. I really hope is ok.

  2. xLx says:

    “Randy Orton might win the royal rumble, but then again he might not!”


  3. Criss Brian says:

    Orton doesn’t need the Rumble. Punk could use it, cause Orton already won. The Rumble is GOP for making stars and main eventers such as Austin, HBK, Del Rio and Batista, or to cement legacy’s such as Austin, Rock, Cena, and The Undertaker. Austin and HBK have multiples because they were the #1 in a time where they needed to prove it, and everybody wanted them. Orton isn’t in that spot, he doesn’t need a rumble. We get it, Orton is a world title guy. Great. Christian could use the Rumble, Sheamus, and hell even Ziggler could use the Rumble win, we don’t need another Orton win.

  4. Jermz says:

    Is Orton winning the Rumble a real rumor or just a prediction because it’s going to be in STL?

    I hope this isn’t a real rumor with any validity. I would hate to see Orton win the Rumble.

  5. Jon says:

    I’ve already been a fan of Ziggler’s mike work ever since he came over here for a house show in 2009, I’m glad that the people in WWE are finally recognizing it

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