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News on Dixie Carter, Honky Tonk Man, WWE Stocks, and more

– Dixie Carter via Twitter: Congrats to new TNA World Heavyweight Champion James Storm! So proud of how far you have come. Kurt, sorry about your damn luck!!!

– Honky Tonk Man also via Twitter: HTM has cut off his pony tail and dontated it to Locks of Love to help children suffering from cancer.

– Hugo Savinovich, the 52 year old one half of the WWE Spanish announce team announced that he will be retiring and leaving WWE after spending fourteen
years with the company. Savinovich was told a few weeks ago that he would not be appearing on WWE television anymore and his services were not going
to be required anymore, a decision that made him sad, but still respected it. He thanked Vince McMahon and his family for allowing him to work for
their company and rehiring him after he did drugs and was jailed. Savinovich was married to former wrestler and Hall of Famer Wendi Richter. (thanks to Colin Vassallo)

– WWE Stocks finished the week at $10.62, up almost 7% from Thursday’s closing.

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  1. Nick says:

    Maybe this will convince Impact Wrestling that fans want to see the ‘lesser known’, home grown stars actually rise to the top.

  2. david r. says:

    Sad to know that Hugo was let go, he always brought the match to life with his crazy sayings in spanish, which were household sayings as well. This is the ‘bitter’ part of this bittersweet deal. The ‘sweet’ is with the new commentator, Marcelo Rodriguez (no relation to Ricardo), he brings the heel aspect. Hugo and Carlos were both face announcers, but Marcelo is nowhere near as annoying a heel as Michael Cole.

  3. aag44 says:

    @david r.: Yeah I was sad when I found out Hugo was leaving, too. I got into WWE by watching it in Spanish, so I love Hugo & Carlos. One thing worth mentioning, though, is that Hugo (much like his wrestler persona) was originally a heel announcer till around 1999-2000. But they both became so loved by fans in Latin America that WWE probably decided to make Hugo a face (or a tweener at times). Also, I presume it also made more sense to turn Hugo face once he became a Christian minister…

    Anyway, sad to see him go.

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