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Dixie Carter comments on last night’s viewership

Carter via Twitter:

Two million viewers on Thursday’s IMPACT WRESTLING on SpikeTV – our most watched episode ever!!! THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!

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  1. AJ Starr says:

    Hmmm… where are all the “TNA is dead now” comments now?

    Ooooh, that’s right. They’re nowhere to be found.

  2. TNA says:

    TNA got an adrenaline shot by putting the belt on Storm. When they do something stupid again they will be back where they were.

  3. Cody T. says:

    TNA is dead, and I believe Dixie is lying. Only reason there was a spike is because people knew an original was going to win the world title. Otherwise, if it was a live show, people would have changed the channel instead of watching the 30+ minute opening talk segment including 3 commercial breaks.

  4. JFlyswatter says:

    2 million viewers isn’t a 2.0…I don’t even think it’s a 1.5. You know what’s gonna happen? Nothing. Same as last week and the week before.

  5. ILMH says:

    You’re right if ONLY they could crown a new out of the blue champion every week!

  6. rick says:


  7. Hennessy says:

    WWE had these 30min segments as well and guess what? no complaints whatsoever. Sometimes one has to wonder….

  8. -Jay- says:

    does it always have to break down to a wwe vs. tna thread? good grief.

    Good for impact now keep it going, dixie.

  9. dc guy says:

    What wwe got 2do with it. … umm nothing

  10. Matthew says:

    If they just push their own dang talent, they might actually get more viewers.
    I’m sick of seeing WWE rejects get the title.

  11. Captain Ass says:

    Oh AJ Starr, everyone has their good shows but it’s KEEPING the numbers that they achieved so don’t whack that hot dog too much now.

  12. Criss Brian says:

    See TNA, lose the old guys and put your guys on top. If u make it good, even with spoilers, people will want to tune in! Use home grown talent that isn’t like Gunner, who are actually given a spot they deserve instead of going from Security Guard to TV champion on a week. Guys like Joe, AJ, and The Beer Money guys are perfect examples. Angle, Sting, Hogan, and Bischoff all need to go. After that, when it’s the land of the young talent, people will want to see it!

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