WWE Vengeance 2011 Predictions

Oct 20, 2011 - by Steve Gerweck

by Brad Hoy

The Vengeance pay-per-view (PPV) event will take place on October 23, 2011 at the AT&T Center in San Antonio, Texas. It will be the first event under the Vengeance name since 2007. The matches within this PPV focus around the actual wrestling, instead of storyline development. I see this as a good thing due to the fact that the WWE seem to have forgotten this is professional wrestling and have focused too much on the storyline, which produced numerous lack luster matches and disappointed fans. Is this the change we have been waiting for? However, I wouldn’t hold your breath as this is the WWE we are talking about. Nevertheless I have high expectations for this PPV.

Dolph Ziggler(C) Vs Zack Ryder
(United States Championship on the line)

Personally, I cannot wait to see the True Long Island Iced-Z back on a WWE PPV where he belongs and what better opponent for him to face than the extremely well rounded talent of Dolph Ziggler. I would love to see Zack Ryder capture the US title and not just as I think he deserves it but as it is about time for Dolph to drop the belt and move on to better things in the company. Ziggler has proven himself in many ways to the WWE, for example he can wrestle with the best of them, his good mic skills and not forgetting his ability to draw heat (with a little help from Vickie Guerrero).
Prediction: Zack Ryder to win

Christian Vs Sheamus
Over the past few months, both superstars have received relatively good pushes which was great to see as both are respectable wrestlers in their own right. Sheamus has got over immensely since his push, Christian on the other hands is still getting a mixed reaction due to the fact that fans over the age of 12 find it hard to boo captain charisma as they appreciate all the amazing moments he has given us throughout his career. Despite the lack of heat Christian is receiving I still believe he will go over simply because Sheamus has mostly been getting the better of him recently and if the feud is to continue then it would make sense for Christian to get the victory. Either way It doesn’t matter to me who wins as I’m just looking forward to hopefully seeing a great match between two tremendous athletes.
Prediction: Christian to win

Beth Phoenix (C) Vs Eve Torres
(WWE Divas Championship on the line)
To me this match seems rather odd, as I don’t see what Eve Torres has done to warrant a title shot, If anyone should get another shot it would make more sense for Kelly Kelly to get one (much to my reluctance). For that reason I can’t see Beth losing the belt what so ever and would be a disaster if she did.
Prediction: Beth Phoenix to win

HHH & CM Punk Vs The Miz & R-Truth
This tag team match between good and evil appears to have been added to the card to allow Hunter to gain vengeance on Miz & Truth for their recent behaviour. In my eyes, the outcome to this bout can only go one way and that is for good to triumph over evil. My reason for this obvious outcome is simply as Miz and Truth have got the better of the former Raw GM (got their jobs back and caused HHH lose his). Therefore this is the only way HHH can get his revenge and who better to team with him than Mr Ice Cream bar himself, CM Punk. This match has the potential to be one of the best tag matches we have seen in quite a while, but let’s be honest we haven’t exactly been blow away by tag matches that WWE have produced recently so it shouldn’t be hard to top them. Nonetheless this contest should be a good one due to the amount of talent in the ring.
Prediction: HHH & CM Punk to win

Cody Rhodes Vs Randy Orton
Much like Christian Vs Sheamus I feel this match will be a great contest and I find it a hard one to call. The intercontinental champion has been receiving a lot more air time recently, which has lead to him being able to showcase his natural talent, even if his mono tone voice makes me fall asleep every time he speaks into a microphone. I still think he can be the future of the company if given the correct storyline and please ditch the whole mask gimmick WWE it’s getting boring. Orton on the other hand has been obtaining his feud with Mark Henry and at the same time fending off Rhodes. Therefore this leads me to think that the Orton/Rhodes storyline will not last long as I’m sure Randy will be getting his world title back soon after the whole Henry/show angle is over. So the outcome of this match depends on how long the WWE are planning to continue the Mark Henry/ Big Show angle for and my opinion is probably not that long as the WWE don’t seem to be able to keep the same storyline for more than a few weeks. So, on that note I’m going to predict Orton to win but to be perfectly honest it can go either way and I’m sure it will be a hell of a match
Prediction: Randy Orton to win

Mark Henry (C) Vs Big Show
(WWE World Heavyweight Championship on the line)
This match has a lot to live up to due to the potential quality of the all the other matches on the card, however I’m looking forward to seeing what the two experienced big men can produce and I hope we will be pleasantly surprised. As far as who will win the strap I believe it’s a bit too soon for Big Show to become champion so early after his comeback and therefore I predict Henry to retain the world heavyweight championship.
Prediction: Mark Henry to Win

Alberto Del Rio (C) Vs John Cena – last man standing match
(WWE Championship on the line)
This match has not received a great deal of hype apart from the recent stipulation added, and therefore I believe the title won’t change hands just yet but let’s not forget we are talking about the man every WRESTLING fan loves to hate and therefore I won’t be surprised if he wins the title AGAIN. As you may have noticed I’m not the biggest Cena fan but I will never take away his commitment to the business and his passion, I’ll just slate his wrestling skills, his mic skills and his poor ability to sell. Now that’s enough Cena bashing. Ironically I’m looking forward to this contest as I believe it’s the Present Vs the future of the WWE and will be interesting to see the outcome. I predict that Del Rio will hold onto the title simply because he has not demonstrated his full potential as champion yet and with a little guidance his character has the potential to make a huge impact on the WWE, as long as he has a strong face to compete against. However, let’s not forget how many times the WWE championship has changed hands of the past month or so and therefore I wouldn’t be surprised if the wonder boy wins the title yet again, if he does then I feel that will be a huge disappointment.
Prediction: Alberto Del Rio to win

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