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Video: James Storm wins the TNA title

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  1. AJ Starr says:


    I haven’t seen a pop like that in YEARS.

    Regardless of what all the little TNA haters and marks will say, that is gonna be a replayed moment for years to come.

  2. TNA-Disliker says:

    I as a person who doesn’t hate but has come to very much dislike TNA (I used to buy the weekly PPVs and was on board until the last couple years) was pissed when Roode didn’t win. This more than made up for that and will be glad to watch and see where this goes. Easily the feel good moment in wrestling of the year

  3. SeanTheComicGuy says:

    Awesome moment for TNA. Finally giving the company to the home grown talent. I hope Storm and Roode run this out, trade the title a time or two, and cement themselves as the top guys in the company. Please don’t make either of them transitional champions until Hardy is ready please!?!?

  4. Justin Myers says:

    agreed AJ Starr, and that was an IMPACT Zone pop for God’s sake!!!

  5. Sean says:

    I’ve always liked Storm, so I’m happy for him… but I still think Roode should have won it at the PPV.

  6. Jono K says:

    I’m still iffy about this, im happy for Storm, fully deserves it. But a one minute match, cmonn really?

  7. NCW says:

    Curt Is Proud Of That One James Great Pop Too

  8. -Jay- says:

    was a cool moment hope they can keep it consistent.

  9. NCW says:

    TNA’s Steve Austin
    You Heard It Here First When They Cut His Hair Remember This Post

  10. Tim Zyla says:

    I haven’t seen a pop in the Impact Zone like that in years. I mean back in the day when the X-Division was at it’s peak. I hope they can build the company around him.

  11. Ahmad says:

    At some Hometown Buffet somewhere, Chris Harris is dying inside.

    On a serious note, can’t believe the match was that short. Makes you wonder how injured Kurt really is. So much for the Olympics…

  12. ILMH says:

    I am in favor of Storm winning. But not in the way or timing that it was done. There’s too many things that this disregards. Congrats to Storm though.

    And to add to Justin Myer’s comment, this impact zone is so full of canned air…. I mean really, even if it wa legit, it’s his home spot and the show was TERRIBLE for canned heat.

  13. Agent Cooper says:

    “At some Hometown Buffet somewhere, Chris Harris is dying inside.”

    Okay, that made me laugh like crazy. I do remember a time when people said Chris Harris was supposedly the one with the highest upside in America’s Most Wanted. And now a few years later, he’s a washed up fat indie wrestler who couldn’t generate heat if his life depended on it. And his tag team partner is now world champion.

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