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Spoilers: Impact for 10/27


For October 27th

Show opened with James Storm doing an interview. They’ve given him new music, which may not be the best idea. He talked about how he watched WrestleMania III with his father and wanted to be a pro wrestler and wished his Dad was here to see this. The rest of Fortune came out. Storm said that Bobby Roode was screwed at Bound for Glory and wanted to give him the first title shot. Samoa Joe came out and said that is Storm going to be a champion who only gives shots to his friends. Yeah, I can see Joe’s point, given he finished last in the Bound for Glory tournament and loses every week on TV, and that should make him the viable top contender. Sting apparently agreed with me, and announced Joe vs. Roode for the No. 1 contender spot, winner getting the shot at the tapings in Macon, GA (these tapings take place on 10/26, the day before this show airs)

Rob Van Dam b Christopher Daniels via DQ when Daniels hit him with a toolbox. Daniels pulled out a screwdriver but Styles hit the ring to make the save and Daniels went t the back.

Karen Jarrett, Madison Rayne, Traci Brooks and Gail Kim came out. Kim said she gave Velvet Sky a concussion and she’s the best wrestler int he division. Karen then said that Kim can get a title shot at Sky at Turning Point.

Gail Kim b Tara

Eric Young b Robbie E

Robbie E and Rob Terry beat down Young after the match. Young said that in Macon, he’s bringing Ronnie from Jersey Shore to get back at them.

Eric Bischoff called out his son Garrett. Eric ordered Garrett to apologize by the end of the show and said he was a prick.

Ric Flair told Garrett he needed to apologize.

Jeff Jarrett did an interview talking about Jeff Hardy at Victory Road, and no showing at Turning Point in 2004. Hardy came out and they did another pull-apart. Bully Ray jumped Hardy

Jeff Hardy b Bully Ray with a swanton

Hardy was doing an interview when Jarrett attacked him. Ray was about to power bomb Hardy off the ropes through a table when Mr. Anderson made the save.

Bobby Roode b Samoa Joe with the fisherman suplex so it’s Roode vs. Storm on 10/26

Bischoff came out and told Garrett to apologize. Garrett refused. Flair came out and again told Garrett to apologize. Garrett pushed Flair so Flair and Eric beat down Garrett including the requisite low blow.

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6 Responses

  1. bob holly says:

    I guess I would say better than the last one but I sense that Velvet is going to have a short reign and Gail is going to get the title. And someone over at TNA must have a fascination with screwdrivers. Also another Jersey Shore moment is pretty cheesy but I understand that they feel that it will possibly bring in a few more viewers who normally wouldn’t be watching it, so its whatever. If Storm and Roode feud, which is likely, it seems Storm is going to be the heel because TNA just spent so long getting the fans to like Roode so it would be stupid to get him to turn bad now.

  2. Andy says:

    So, not only are TNA screwing Roode’s build apparently the most important thing to end the show is Bischoff and Flair beating up a ref. **Cornette Face**

  3. RJ Ace says:

    A Roode vs Storm feud for the World Title sounds pretty good. I hope TNA stretches it out a few months instead of hot shotting the eventual Roode heel turn. I’d have Storm go on a killer winning streak with Roode cheering him along all the way til Febuary. Have Roode viciously attack him and set up the first match at the March ppv. End that match in a double DQ which would lead to the rematch at Lockdown a month later. I can’t think of a hotter feud TNA could do right around Wrestlemania when wrestling interest is at it’s peak. I know it’s just fantasy booking but they really could stretch the feud out until Slammiversary next year. I think that’s the earliest that Storm should drop the strap.

  4. RJ Ace says:

    By the way I hope they edit the show to where it ends with Joe vs Roode. A number one contender’s match for the World Title should take precedent over 2 old men beating up a referee.

  5. Hipnosis says:

    I’d turn James Storm Heel and just be a drinkin partyin’ Cowboy James Storm who cracks bottles over peoples heads for dirty wins for a really long time. Meanwhile Chris Harris (If he’s in shape hopefully…or not…he’s heel too anyways) can come in and AMW can reunite but with Chris Harris doing his dirty work. After a short while Harris turns face by having James Storm injure him and Bobby comes to his rescue and THEN after not facing eachother every since James Storm turned on him he’s had enough and takes on James Storm. Chris Harris helps Roode win the title but Roode starts beatin down Harris for giving him a tainted win. This builds up a 3 way between all three where Chris Harris once again comes close…but James pushes him into the ref…grabs a bottle…cracks it over him and pins Roode after Harris knocked him out…..but eehh no ones probably reading all this and I know TNA won’t be on Gerweck reading comments to get ideas soo oh well lol

  6. bob holly says:

    for real??? your just going to continue using the name ive been using here for over a year??? thats really weak…troll.

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