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Spoilers: Impact for Thursday

Credit: Elijah Nadir and

Elijah Nadir was at the Impact Wrestling Zone at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida for the tapings for the episode of Impact that will air on Thursday October 20, 2011:

Impact started off with Sting coming to the ring. He talked about how he vowed to do two things when Hogan and Bischoff came into power in TNA 18 months ago. One was to put the company back in Dixie Carter’s hands. The second was to bring back the ‘real Hulk Hogan’. Sting talked about one defining moment at Bound for Glory on Sunday night. There was someone who decided to do the right thing and he wants that person to come to the ring.

Hulk Hogan comes to the ring and he gets a ‘Welcome Back’ chant. Hogan says that he has been in a bad place for the last year and Bischoff helped him through many things and Hogan followed what Bischoff did. Hogan says that Bischoff made some bad decisions and Hogan was a follower when he should have been a leader. Hogan says that he has one person to thank and that is Sting.

Hogan asks ‘What ya gonna do when Hulk Hogan and Sting come running after you?’

Dixie Carter comes out to the ring and Hogan leaves. Sting tells Dixie that this doesn’t erase what happened 18 months ago but Sting mentioned that Dixie gave him a home to come to and he loves TNA. He tells Dixie that now that she is back in charge, there is no room for error.

Dixie tells Sting that he was right all along and she apologizes to him and mentions that this will not happen again. Dixie tells Sting that she wants him to be responsible for all of the day to day decisions when it comes to Impact.

Kurt Angle interrupts things and he says that not only is there one superhero in the ring, there are two. He wonders if this was for him or Robert Roode. Angle says that he realizes that Dixie is in charge and Sting is running things from the Impact Zone, but Angle will be running things since he is the champion. Angle says that he made Roode look like a loser during their match on Sunday and he is the better man.

Bobby Roode comes to the ring. He calls Angle pathetic and mentions that Angle screwed him on Sunday night by holding the ropes to get the victory. Roode says that what happened at Bound for Glory was bulls***.

Sting says that he has an idea for tonight’s episode of Impact. Why not have a rematch with Bobby Roode facing Kurt Angle for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship.

Angle tells Sting that match cannot happen because the contract that him and Roode signed for Bound for Glory had a few provisions that Hogan and Bischoff suggested. Bobby Roode can only wrestle Kurt Angle once. Angle says that Roode is the real deal, but he has screwed Roode. He starts to mention Roode’s tag team partner’s catchphrase and we hear ‘Sorry ‘bout your damn luck’.

James Storm comes to the ring and he introduces himself to Kurt Angle. He says that the contract does not say that James Storm cannot wrestle Kurt Angle. Storm says that at Bound for Glory Kurt Angle screwed the fans, Impact Wrestling, and Bobby Roode. He says that the fans still want to see a title match even if they cannot see Roode versus Angle.

Sting makes an executive decision that Kurt Angle will face James Storm tonight for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship.

[This segment went for at least a half hour at the tapings].

Match Number One: TNA Knockout Tag Team Champions Brooke Tessmacher and Tara defeated Winter and Angelina Love to retain the TNA Knockout Tag Team Titles after Tessmacher hit a cross body off the top turnbuckles and pinned Winter.

Jeff and Karen Jarrett comes out to the ring and Jeff calls out Jeff Hardy to finish what was started on Sunday night at Bound for Glory. Hardy comes to the ring and Jarrett mentions that Victory Road was not the first time that Hardy screwed over the company and he reminds Jeff about the time that Jeff no showed a pay per view.

Jarrett gives Hardy two options. He can either drop the mic and walk away, never to be heard from again; or Hardy can face the founder.

Hardy says that the people want him and that Jarrett is the only one who is bitching. Hardy says that Jarrett cannot stand the way that the fans react to him.

Hardy and Jarrett brawl in the ring and security and officials come to the ring to try to separate them. They break free of security a few times and some of the agents come into the ring. While they try to get Jarrett out of the ring, Al Snow and D’Lo Brown argue and while this happens, Hardy sneaks over and attacks Jarrett. While the mayhem ensues, Jarrett kicks Hardy in the groin before leaving the ring.

After Jarrett leaves the ring, Hardy has enough strength to throw his shirt into the crowd, but the fan who caught it must not have been a Hardy fan and he threw the shirt back to Hardy in the ring.

Gunner came to the ring and he talked about what happened last week when Immortal took care of Abyss. Gunner calls out Abyss for their match.

Match Number Two: Abyss defeats Gunner by count out. Gunner spent most of the match trying to avoid Abyss and he eventually ran out of the building to get counted out.

The new TNA Knockouts Champion Velvet Sky came to the ring and she talked about what it meant for her to become the Knockouts Champion. She talked about being bullied as a kid. The crowd chants ‘You Deserve It’ during the segment.

Karen Jarrett comes to the ring with Traci Brooks and Karen berates Traci and then tells Velvet that she wanted to strip Velvet of the title last night but she decided to do something else. Karen continues to bully Velvet and then she brings out Madison Rayne. While Madison stands at ringside and Velvet focuses on Madison, someone comes through the crowd and it is the return of Gail Kim.

Gail attacks Velvet and Madison joins in. Karen, Madison, and Gail stand over Velvet.

They show footage from the end of the Hulk Hogan/Sting match from Bound for Glory and what happened with Eric Bischoff and Jackson James.

Eric Bischoff comes to the ring with Bully Ray, Gunner, and Scott Steiner. Bischoff talks about his ingrate of a son and that he will settle his issues with his son in private. Eric says that he is not done dealing with Garrett (Since the ‘illusion’ has been removed, he can go with the Bischoff name) Eric says that he expected that Hulk Hogan would come to the ring and explain what he did to his face. Hulk Hogan comes to the ring and he talks about how Garrett Bischoff did a brave thing on Sunday night.

The members of Immortal come into the ring and they surround Hogan. Before they can do anything to Hogan, Sting comes through the crowd with a few baseball bats. Sting gives Hogan a bat and Immortal leaves the ring.

As Immortal goes up the ramp, they do not realize that Garrett Bischoff has come out and he attacks his father.

They show a segment in the back with James Storm doubting whether he deserves the title shot. Roode gives Storm a pep talk and tells James that he has been working his whole career for this moment and to take advantage of what has been given him.

Match Number Three: James Storm defeats Kurt Angle to become the new TNA World Heavyweight Champion after a super kick. This was a very short match with Angle punching Storm for about forty-five seconds to a minute. The referee stopped Angle and then Angle and the referee had a brief argument. Angle went back to the corner but Storm hit Angle with the super kick and got the pinfall.

After the match, Bobby Roode came to the ring to celebrate with his tag team partner. Fellow Fortune members A.J. Styles and Frankie Kazarian came to the ring with beer to join in the celebration.

Storm got on the mic and he talked about how honored he was to win the title and he hands the belt to Bobby Roode. Roode tells Storm that he appreciates the gesture, but the fans are right that Storm deserves this title. The celebration continues with Storm going into the crowd to celebrate with the fans.

Xplosion Jesse Sorensen defeated Robbie E (with Rob Terry)

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20 Responses

  1. Hans says:

    Simply because I’m a little confused, what makes James Storm winning the Championship better than Bobby Roode winning it? Not saying he doesn’t deserve it because he does, I’m just really confused with the logic here.

  2. KidFab says:

    The difference is that Hulk Hogan thinks Storm is ready to carry the ball and not Roode. It was pretty much the same politics that once failed WCW. tisk tisk

  3. Craptacular says:

    A typical WCW/Russo storyline style: NONSENSE, ILLOGICAL, AND STUPID.

    If Angle were not able to compete is should be better a strip of the title instead of an easy win (of Storm).

  4. dave says:

    I think you’re being too critical. I can see the changes slowly coming and this is a big improvement on Impact recently.

  5. seth says:

    I’m a huge TNA fan but I have to say I agree with all of you. none of this is making any sense at all…..

  6. Kyle Christie says:

    Wait and watch it and wait for the next few weeks then it may make sense and do they tape Xplosion after Impact?

  7. AJ Starr says:

    Oy… you guys REALLY need to understand how the flippin’ business works. You’re all acting like children here, because you don’t get what the hell they’re trying to do.

    Obviously, before Angle got hurt, the plan was to keep Roode after Angle, in hopes of elevating Roode enough to make his Title win mean something, other than the usual build-up they give in the WWE; OMGawdz I deserve this shot… oh look, I wonz me a belt on my first shot! It’s useless, serves no purpose, and isn’t memorable. Remember Shamus winning the WWE Title for the first time? No? Not many people do or care, he wasn’t ready.

    With Angle hurt, they needed a new plan. That plan was James Storm. It plants a seed of jealousy for Roode to emerge over the weeks.

    I mean really… do any of you think for a minute Hogan was shooting? Gimme a break!

  8. bob holly says:

    Despite what happened with the title change how about we focus on how there were only 3 matches. First a knockouts match, then a match that ended by count-out, and finally a minute long title match. Even if they made it short because Angle was hurt your telling me they couldn’t have another match earlier on. Clearly they knew Angle was hurt and knew it was going to be a quick match so instead of having that many long segments they could have given another macth. I’m just saying it would make sense, you know for a place “where wrestling matters”

  9. Criss Brian says:

    The World Title could have been handled differently. But besides that…
    THREE MATCHES??? Are you freaking kidding me? Oh wait, TWO MATCHES??? Really? Wait, hold on, it wasn’t even that. A knockouts match, a he’s running away bogus ending “match” and twenty punches and a kick? Un-freaking-believable. Another 1 min world title match? That does absolutely nothing for Storm! Somebody needs to either fix this, and just put it down. That’s so horrible

  10. AJ Starr says:

    I still think it’s funny… when WWE does 2 or 3 short matches… no one complains.

    Ah… marks… I get a kick out of seeing this stuff!

  11. Jono K says:

    Wow, im just suprised that they build roose up for months and nothing then Storm gets it, after like a minute… I can see if they are buidling towards a Roode/Storm feud, but otherwise this is absolutly illogical.

  12. Rex Anderson says:

    James Storm as world champion, he earned it. This should be interesting, then sad, its TNA

  13. N. Gaijin says:

    AJ, could you get over yourself for maybe a minute?

    Aside from maybe bob holly, most of the people who have been complaining about the direction TNA has taken with the title have been TNA fans, so I don’t understand why you’re bringing up WWe when half the people here would gladly roast them on the same pike as they have TNA. WWe hotshotting the title for the past several months is horrible, but that doesn’t address the simple fact that TNA has yet again gave away a title change on TV, right after a major PPV no less. This might not be TNA’s worst decision, far from it in fact, but it still harkens to one of the company’s worst recurring ills. To make matters worse, Storm won the match with no build and in probably less time than it took to lace up his boots. That being said, TNA still has a chance to make this right (by building Storm as a credible champion instead handing the belt right back to Roode at the next PPV), but Roode winning at BFG would’ve been the logical choice to begin with.

  14. deathedge says:

    @N. Gaijin

    Or Sting giving Roode a title shot during Impact and letting him win it.

    @AJ Starr

    Well, you know, WWE markets themselves as “Sports Entertainment” while TNA markets themselves as “Pro Wrestling” so, logically speaking, TNA should not be copy catting WWE to begin with.

  15. bob holly says:

    wow. nice. i have some trying to be me. seriously, i did not post that message above. look at all the posts ive ever made here and tell me where i even speak or type like that. im sure someone at gerweck can check the email addy submitted with the post and clearly notice it doesnt match.

    back on topic:

    james storm as champion makes total sense…its TNA. i mean a guy who cant even go to work or the ring without a beer fits so perfectly and they will finally have some sort of excuse when he gets turn at a dui as world champion. “he was just in character, officer!”

  16. Gory says:

    AJ Starr seriously shut up you are the biggest TNA mark I have ever seen this show was complete garbage the worst wrestling show I have ever seen just complete crap and you sit here and defend it like it was the best show of all time. Yeah when WWE only has three matches they sure as hell are a lot better than the crap TNA pulled here this was just awful so please pull your head out of your a** and face the fact that TNA sucks. Their booking is god awful, you act like they couldn’t have changed Booby getting the title at BFG are you serious? Of course they could have but they decided against it you idiot. AJ Starr I highly recommend stop posting here because you just should like the biggest idiot alive when you especially when you call people marks when you are doing the same. HYPOCRITE!

  17. Matt says:

    Just watched this show and despite the three matches it was a top quality show with a new homegrown wrestler being added to the roster!

    A feud between Gail Kim and Velvet Sky being built up…

    Jeff Hardy and Jeff Jarrett

    The return of Hulk Hogan (Hulkamania)

    And the support of Fortune for James Storm (sorry about your damn luck) . He has been there from day 1 and it was great to see that there is a possibility that Beer Money may NOT be broken up but if it is it creates a Feud then between Storm and Roode which would be another awesome match..

    OH WAIT!!

    I guess they should be putting announcers with wrestlers in a tag team match….
    WWE HATERS are going to HATE….

    What ever happened to the TRUE FAN?

  18. Matt says:

    @ Gory…

    You sound like you should become a character called “The Rambling Man” because your words above just run into another without any punctuation.

    Yes WWE puts on quality matches…

    Lets look at the ending of the past couple raws.

    Two announcers team up with two wrestlers both of which lack complete skills at wrestling.
    Two weeks before…where was the wrestling it was a walk out…(stupid at that )

    Yeah we have quality matches in the WWE which is why the ratings come in at 3.0-3.2 instead of 6.4 or higher like they use to…

    And there is JUST as many wrestling fans today as there was back then..

    Last weeks raw got graded an F (speaks about quality big time)

    TNA PPV got graded a B …

    Sorry about your damn luck!

  19. bob holly says:

    omg…can tna fans ever just stay on topic??

    AJ Starr is the master of deflecting the topic to wwe or roh. he does it EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. without fail. take your ADD medicine….the rest of us are here to talk about tna. join the club or just stfu and save your opinions for a wwe thread.

    i didnt read the spoilers, even when i posted here earlier, though i did know about james storm. i actually watched the show because i promised i would after the good ppv.

    it was awful. everything that needed to be said has already been said by others so i wont repeat it. the one good thing i can say is karen jarrett, while the storyline she is in is one ill never get into because womens wrestling holds no entertainment value for me at all, karen is doing a great job. it is just kind of vickie guerrero-ish…but different.

  20. N. Gaijin says:

    Matt, a TRUE FAN would have no problem critiquing the product of which they claim fandom. That counts whether you’re a fan of a particular brand or a fan of the business as a whole. Honestly, I just want someone to do well, whether it be WWe, TNA, ROH, PWG or whoever else. There might be certain people or aspects of the industry I wish would just go away, but what’s good for one promotion is good for wrestling as a whole. Hating on other companies is just foolish because it doesn’t help anyone for another promotion to die out. When a fan complains because TNA or WWe has arguably legitimately made a mistake (generally any attempt at “swerving” counts because it has been done to death and becoming less and less logical), it’s pretty childish to start finger-pointing at the other promotion. I would say it’s especially so when no one starting comparing the two to begin with (as in this particular instance).

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