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– James Storm defeated Kurt Angle in a very short match to win the TNA championship at Tuesday’s Impact tapings in Orlando, FL, reports the Wrestling Observer. The short match was obviously due to Angle’s injuries.

– As noted earlier, Gail Kim has indeed returned to TNA at the Impact tapings.

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  1. itsthe1manshow says:

    Not that I think James Storm is a bad choice either but hell, why didnt they just have him win the damn BFG series then? Maybe a Roode/Storm feud. AS much as I am not for them breaking them up, it could be a good and fresh feud.

  2. -Jay- says:

    A beer swelling redneck world champion…sounds familiar, congrats storm.

  3. Will says:

    WOW, I’m shocked. When I heard Roode lost I thought “The only way they could salvage this is if they had Storm win the title instead”, but I never thought for a minute they’d actually do it.

  4. tommy says:

    Gail Kim made her return at the TNA Impact Wrestling taping on Tuesday. In a segment that will air on Thursday’s show, she
    attacked new Knockouts Champion Velvet Sky.

  5. JD Storm says:

    this leaves me asking why Roode didn’t just win the title in the first place…

  6. Ahmad says:

    So they won’t give it to Roode in one of their bigger PPVs in a while, but they’ll give it to Storm on TV? The head guys at TNA are more confused than a boy ladybug

  7. Criss Brian says:

    Love Storm, but this is soooooooo retarded! Makes no sense. If Roode didn’t win, and you really wanna give it to Storm, have Kirt forfeit it and then Storm can beat Roode in a tournament Finals. Plus, Kurt could have a “I never lost storyline” (not like he should have the belt anyway)

  8. Cody T. says:

    Now I don’t agree with the way they got to the fued, and who starts off with the belt, but I’ve been waiting to see a Beer Money split and fued for a while so at least its for the belt. Although Roode is the better heel so I hope he turns on Storm out of jealousy.

  9. JM Styles says:

    if James Storm really win the title, i thought it will be the end of Beer Money. then Bobby Roode will turn heel and Chris Harris return to Impact Wrestling to form tag team with Roode called Cat Money. LOL.

  10. Adam says:

    WTF………..EPIC FAIL! I’m done…I’m out….Hogan and Bischoff suck. Plain and simple. ‘Nuff said.

  11. art123guy says:

    The reason they took the belt off Angle now instead of the PPV is because he got hurt during the match. If he hadn’t, I think he’d still be champ.

  12. James says:

    James Storm has been with TNA since their very first show in 2002. Although he has been a sensational tag team wrestler, he also had a decent singles career. So, in a way, I felt Storm deserved it.

    Bobby Roode will eventually get his title reign, but it’s a shame Hulk Baldgan didn’t think Roode was ready, as I thought he was.

  13. Rob says:

    “sorry, about yo damn luck” Bobby…

  14. bob holly says:

    another great example of why I tell you people how terrible TNA is.

  15. ted says:

    You guys are a bunch of wwe marks

  16. Travis says:

    Wow, what a bunch of sad sacks. You guys get ticked when a TNA original wins the title…it just wasn’t the guy you were rooting for. Hypocrites! Here’s a little expression for you: See the forest for the trees.

  17. Korey Parker says:

    I’m just so confused…….Hogan nixed the idea of Roode winning because he “wasn’t ready yet”……but Storm is? Roode has been a singles guy and was at the height of a great push…..has Storm ever been given that much of a push outside of AMW? I just don’t get it……

  18. Matt says:

    Yeah lets be like the WWE and place the title on Cena again..Oh did i spoil the WWE marks fun? Well think about it ..Wrestlemania is going to be the rock against Cena so it is going to go back to Cena.

    Anyways…a split of beer money (though they are an excellent tag team) would be an excellent story line. It could be a fued to to establish Roode as a singles competitor.

    You could almost tell at the last impact before BFG that this was a potential angle so I am not so sure how much influence HH really had on that decision.
    If you remember I think it was Taz that said it seemed like Storm was doing more then giving his best. It seemed like he wanted to have that spotlight! That kind of gave the impression that Roode was not going to get the title after all…

  19. AJ Starr says:

    Bob, are you ever going to cut the mark crap out? I mean seriously… this is Psychology 101. If you, and the rest of these blind marks can’t understand it, why do you watch wrestling?

    Angle got hurt. So, in order to keep things interesting, they decided to change it up. Since Roode didn’t win the Title, what better way to work up a high profile feud, than to give it to Storm, who is more than deserving?

    Absolutely astounds me how one-dimensional you “fans” have become!

  20. Agent Cooper says:

    I’ve always been a Storm fan, so I like this in a way. He has a good gimmick, good charisma, and he’s great in the ring, so there’s never been any reason why he couldn’t succeed as a singles wrestler. He’s just never been given a quality singles push. Which is why it’s a little mystifying that they suddenly put the biggest title in the company on him. Not that I’m against it, but common sense should dictate that there should have been a push to precede it. Then again, you can’t really count on TNA to do things in a way that makes sense.

  21. ILMH says:

    I think it’s nice to put the belt on an “original”, but this seems like booking on the fly. They built up Roode SO well. The video packages and build to build Roode were the best TNA has done in years. Why wouldn’t they give the strap to him?

    Rather, Storm wins it with little to no build or any real momentum. I really like James Storm, and I can see him as a world champion, just not now. There’s nothing he really had going for him and this would be a very bold and surprising move if it weren’t taped.

    Overall, I am happy… I guess… but it seems so forced and a slap in the face of the build they gave Bobby.

  22. deathedge says:

    Does Storm deserve it, yes.

    Is it random, but necessary, yes.

    Will his title reign last more then a month, probably not.

    He’s just a filler champion while they look for the long term solution. Personally I think letting Roode win it in a rematch makes much more sense.

  23. Adam says:

    I’m not a mark by any means. I understand the reasoning and I am not against Storm having it. It’s the “Roode wasn’t ready” BS from Hogan that upset me. A Beer Money split is intriguing. I just personally felt that Roode deserved the belt more. That doesn’t make me a mark…it’s just my personal opinion. And, for the record…I’m none to happy with a lot of crap the WWE does as well…I just don’t like either company treating the fans like they don’t have a memory or an idea of what they want.

  24. art123guy says:

    I believe Roode will turn heel and feud with Storm for quite a while over the belt, possibly trading it once or twice.

    I was disappointed Roode didn’t win the belt, but if they turn him heel, I’ ok with that. I think he’s better as a heel anyway.

    What’s funny is leading up to BFG, I read a lot of sites saying Storm should have gotten the title shot, not Roode. Now Storm is the champ and people are still bitching. I think Storm’s face promos are slightly better that Roode’s. BUT Roode has better heel promos than Storm.

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