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Smackdown SPOILERS for Friday

Alberto Del Rio came out first and said that it was a historic night in Mexico City, but that he wouldn’t be wrestling. Teddy Long then came out and told him he was wrestling Big Show.

Mark Henry b John Morrison with the world’s strongest slam

Teddy Long announced Sheamus vs. Christian and Dolph Ziggler vs. Zack Ryder for the U.S. title at Vengeance. If that’s the case, the match announced last night with Ziggler & Jack Swagger vs. Kofi Kingston & Evan Bourne must have been dropped.

Wade Barrett b Daniel Bryan

Sheamus & Zack Ryder b Christian & Dolph Ziggler

Sin Cara Azul b Sin Cara Negro in a mask vs. mask match. This got over a lot bigger here than the match got over on the PPV.

HHH introduced Mil Mascaras and announced him as going into the WWE Hall of Fame. This was probably not taped for Smackdown.

Big Show b Alberto Del Rio via DQ due to interference from Ricardo Rodriguez. The show ended with a staredown between Show and Mark Henry.


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10 Responses

  1. robbo says:

    it obviously would have been taped for TV, as why would you announce a hall of fame inductee without it being on TV? These people who always say “Probably not for TV” piss me off as it always ends up on tv in the end

  2. aag44 says:

    @robbo: Yeah, I agree. Plus, the Spanish announcers plugged Mil Máscaras’ appearance on SmackDown several times during Raw a couple of weeks ago. It seems highly unlikely that they would’ve done so and then decided not to show it on TV.

  3. Bazinga says:

    It obviously won’t be on TV because Triple H is the one making the announcing. Doesn’t exactly make sense. They did it for the Mexican crowd.

  4. Hans says:

    @Bazinga – this is the WWE Hall of Fame we’re talking about. Don’t be daft.

  5. Ahmad says:

    John Morrison and Daniel Bryan getting squashed??? WTF is WWE thinking?

  6. Rex Anderson says:

    Ratings. Piss off enough D.Bryan and J.Morrison fans then things change. Give it some time

  7. Ronald B. says:

    Morrison doesn’t deserve this. Either make him turn heel or bury him further.

  8. james says:

    They can’t keep having Bryan lose and then have him suddenly win the title with MitB. Maybe he should turn heel and only win by cheating and eventually cash in on some big face down the road, e.g. CM Punk. Then we could have a CM Punk vs. Daniel Bryan feud, something the IWC would love, but also the casual fans would love if they build it properly.

  9. Marc says:

    I personally think that WWE is going to have Daniel Bryan drop the MITB contract to someone else soon much the same way they did with with Mr. Kennedy…Kennedy a few years back.

  10. Hipnosis says:

    Why can’t they let Sin Cara Negro get some Offense. He’s the original Mistico :( …oh well Im just a mark for Mistico 1 lol

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