Lucha Notes including WWE Try Outs

Oct 17, 2011 - by Kris Zellner

– AAA President Joaquin Roldan finally spoke out today about the Octagon/La Parka Jr. controversy from the Heroes Inmortales show and said that he was in complete shock when it happened because it was only two hours earlier that they agreed with him that La Sociedad would not ruin the special day that honored the great Antonio Pena. Joaquin said that this was like a punch to the gut but this business wasn’t made by one or two people and that there will be men who will step up their game and would replace Octagon & Parka in the AAA army. Roldan said that there are some hungry young wrestlers that are dedicated to the cause and have taken the treasonous activity personally so they are ready for war. Roldan then had a message for Octagon & Parka saying that he hopes that they are secure in the decisions they made because they turned their backs on their brethren, their fans, and the man who made them what they were in Antonio Pena and that they would pay dearly.

– IWL who had some mild success recently bringing in foreigners and drawing some pretty good houses came back to earth this weekend where supposedly in the 3 shows they ran they only drew about 800 fans combined in some decent sized buildings. 800 fans in three shows is still a really good number for an independent promotion in Mexico but they were aiming for a higher number. They still have two shows Pachuca tomorrow night and a show at Rodeo Santa Fe on 10/22 which is an outdoor show so they have a shot to rebound.

– There were rumored up to be 7 EMLL wrestlers that tried out for the WWE yesterday before their Smackdown taping in Mexico City with AAA and independent guys trying out the day before at the RAW taping. According to Super Luchas, Edgar Noriega who is a referee, booker, and nephew of EMLL President Paco Alonso was among other EMLL directors in attendance at last night’s taping as well.

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