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Former WWE superstar inks a book deal

Former WWE supestar Bob “Hardcore” Holly has inked a book deal. The book will be titled “The Hardcore Truth.” “My book will be different because it’s about my life pre-WWE days and my perspective of the wrestling business. I will talk about things no one has dared to talk about,” Holly told SLAM! Wrestling. “It will be written in a very unique style thanks to Ross Williams who I’ve chosen to write my story. I believe this book will be an interesting and entertaining read. You will definitely want to read this book not only for what I am going to share but the exceptional brilliant style of writing Ross uses when putting words on paper.”

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  1. James says:

    Wonder if he’ll talk about how he stiffed every man, woman, and child that made the mistake of getting in the ring with him.

  2. AJ Starr says:

    Yeah, Holly… you be very proud of another man writing down your life.

    Idiot athletes… if you’re too damn lazy to write your own memoirs down, don’t even bother!

  3. Daniel says:

    As a writer, AJ Starr, I can say that if he isn’t a good writer then he is making the right choice. It’s much smarter to hire a professional writer to handle a book than it is to try to write one yourself if you have little to no experience with professional writing. That is, if you actually want to sell the book.

    I for one have always been a fan of Holly and would LOVE to read the book. Hopefully he includes some thoughts on the late Crash Holly.

  4. Gory says:

    AJ Starr you are one arrogant piece of crap, I’m tired of seeing all of your negative crap you post on this site you a just a bitter little punk who will never go anywhere in life. For the subject at hand Bob is not the greatest writer on the planet, and even if he was he would still have someone help him with it, that is just a part of the writing process. Aj if you knew anything about writing you would know that. I would like to see you write your memoirs down in three hundred pages by yourself and tell me how easy it is and let everyone judge how good it is. It is a very smart move for Bob to do this so his book will make sense and for it it to be a good book.

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