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10/15 “Rock Of Jericho” with guest Art of Dying report‏

From Jeff Sheridan:

1.NOTE FROM JEFF: For those that only wanna read the Art Of Dying [AOD] interview segments, it’s #13, 15 & 17. Anyhow Jericho starts the show at 5:02 PM by saying he’s back, says he’s so excited to be back on XM Radio & says The Rock Of Jericho has returned from a 4 year absence [NOTE FROM JEFF: His last show occured in 2006, which would make it a 5 year absence]. Anyhow he says it was after he was dumped from the original ROJ at The Boneyard: due to making a crack against Oprah [Winfrey], who he says is “the ruler of the universe”. He says he thanks Oprah for allowing him to return to the air, says as a thanks to everyone he wants fans to look under their chairs either in your cars, houses or wherever & says you’ll find a certificate for [in a game show host fashion], A BRAND NEW CARRRRRR!

again thanks Oprah & says he’s back. He
again introduces himself, again says it’s ROJ, then thanks Sixx Sense: & Mr. Sixx for
allowing him to be on his network. He says
he’s excited to bring back his voodoo that he does so well on the radio, says there’s a
magical evil band that’s taking over the nation & says it’s his favorite new band in the last 10 years. He says it’s Avenged
Sevenfold who’s headlining the “Uproar
Tour”: ,says that we [Fozzy] played on that tour, says that Art
Of Dying will be on the tour & says there’s an Uproar theme occuring now. He says
he’ll start the show which’s the resurrection
of his show now, with a 1-2 punch with Avenged Sevenfold’s “Nightmare”.

2.Plays Avenged Sevenfold’s “Nightmare” &
“Welcome To The Family”.

3.Jericho says that was Avenged Sevenfold’s
“Welcome To The Family”, says it’s what he
says to fans that’s listening by saying welcome to the ROJ family & says we’re a big family. He says we meet every Sunday
for dinner, says there’s biscuits & potpourri,
says he loves potpourri & asked fans as to
what’re their favorite type of potpourri. He
asks for you to call him, says he’ll talk about
Avenged Sevenfold & says it’s funny because when they 1st debuted, there was
an “anti-Avenged Sevenfold” vibe from real
metal heads of the world. He says those fans called Avenged Sevenfold “an Emo type of a band” & says when you actually
listen to them, they look modern.

Jericho says they remind him of a cross
between Guns N’ Roses, Iron Maiden & The
Ramones. He says there’s all of these
different elements that’s very fast, says the
guitar playing’s amazing & says Synyster Gates is a great guitarist. He says he’d
almost go as far to say that Synyster’s the
“Eddie Van Halen of the new generation”,
which’s in a world where guitar solos ain’t
cool, says they ain’t the status quo & says
they brought it back. He says M. Shadows is
a great singer, says that he almost has a
Sebastian Bach type of a vibe as well as
being very “fill in, samo too”. He says if you
never heard Avenged Sevenfold he says you
suck & you need to listen to them now.

Jericho says he commands you & says go,
says he’s waiting, again says he’s waiting &
then admits that you did hear 2 of their
songs. He asks you to listen to more of their
songs, says to listen to more of his show &
then takes a short break while saying, that
the resurrection has arrived!

After the short break Jericho says it’s his
show, says that he’s your host & says he’s
there, finally after 4 long years of excile. He
says the “excitist” has returned, says the
embargo’s over & says he’s back on XM
Radio. He asks if it feel good, asks if the
vibrations caress your bodies like a warm
summer breeze & asks if it’s nice. He says
he’s talking about the Uproar Tour to where it’s a big festival that criss crosses
America, Canada, the world & elsewhere. He
says it’s finishing up now, says the headliners were Avenged Sevenfold & says
there were other great bands on the tour.
He says he knows because we [Fozzy] played
on the dates for the tour.

Jericho says they replace Sevendust who
couldn’t get into Canada for reasons that
he says we can speculate, but won’t talk about. He says Fozzy got to play with other great bands & says that 1 of the bands that they met for the 1st time was Bullet For My Valentine. He says he’s heard of them, says that he’s never seen them but knows that they’re big Fozzy fans & fans of Fozzy guitarist, Rich Ward. He says BFMV was
excited to meet Rich, says the 1 thing that’s
cool when being on the road & on tour is
that there’s certain bands that you meet &
click with instantly. He says that happened
with Fozzy & Bullet to where both became
good friends.

Jericho says Matt Tuck is BFMV’s lead singer/guitarist, says that Matt’s a great guy & says they’re a proper Wales band. He
says they’re crazy but huge, says they’re 1 of the biggest new bands also & says he was
introduced to “warbling, mellon coley,
settled tones” of BFMV. He says this is 1 of
those songs, says it’s from the CD “Fever”: which was #3 on
the Billboard charts a couple of years ago &
says it’s the title track called “Fever”.

4.Plays Bullet For My Valentine’s “Fever” &
Fozzy’s “Revival”.

5.Jericho says “Revival” is from “Chasing
The Grail”: ,
again says Fozzy’s his band & says “Revival”
was originally gonna be a “B” side. He says
when doing a record it’s always good to have a couple of extra tracks, so you can put other versions of the album when going
overseas such as Japan or Europe where they have bonus tracks. He says Fozzy put
together “Revival” which was a Stuck Mojo
song that’s Ward’s other band beside Fozzy & says he thought it’d be nice to put
on some Luxenburg editions or Timbuktu or wherever they were sending them. He
says the song turned out to be amazing he
thought it had to be on the record.

Jericho says that’s a cool thing about writing a song, says you can’t sit down &
say “I’m gonna write a hit song today” or
“I’m gonna write a “B” song today” & says
you’ll just get what you’re gonna get. He says what you’ll get is another commercial
break & says he’ll return.

After the short break Jericho again says it’s
his show, again introduces himself & again
says he’s excited to be back. He says his
nipples are hard, says you don’t even know
it, says he’s really doing the show naked &
says that’s how excited he is to be there now. He says he’s also excited because Pink
Floyd for the 1st time in 25 years & besides
the “Live Aid” event in 2006, has reunited &
says don’t look for tickets because they didn’t reunite to do gigs. He says they only
reunited to compare notes, then work on a box set that they’ll do for “Dark Side Of The
Moon” & thinks for “Animals” & “Wish You
Were Here”. He says those were 3 of their
classics records.

Jericho says they finally sat together, traded
stories & says there’s an article about it in
Rolling Stone: .
He says the 1 thing you get from reading it
is that they won’t get back together, says
there’s too much water under the bridge,
too much bad blood, too much egos & says
you’re dealing with almost 70 year old,
crotchity old men. He then does an old man
impression by saying “back in my day, we
walked up both ways with our guitars & liked it”, says that’s the kind of vibe you get
because they’re proper & crotchity & says
having said that, if Sting & Stewart Copeland can reunite like they did in 2007
when Police had a reunion tour & made
gazillons of money, then there could be a
chance that [Roger] Waters & [David]
Gilmour can reunite too.

Jericho says there could be a chance that
Axl [Rose] & Slash can reunite, says it can
happen & says that Police was 1 of those
“tamochulous” bands of all time. He says
Copeland used to set up his tons on the
right side of his drum set so he wouldn’t
have to see Sting. He says he didn’t wanna
see Sting while they were playing, says it
was written on Copeland’s snear drum
“cover your ears kiddies”, then mentions a
word that for some reason was bleeped
from the show & says it was Copeland’s
representation of Sting. He says everytime
Copeland hit the snear he was hitting Sting’s face & again says if both of them can
reunite, maybe Waters & Gilmour can too.

Jericho again says maybe Axl & Slash can
reunite but until then, we always have the
music. He says he’ll start it off with Pink Floyd’s “Hey You”.

6.Plays Pink Floyd’s “Hey You”, Police’s
“Can’t Stand Losing You” & Guns N’ Roses’
“1 In A Million”.

7.Jericho says on Guns N’ Roses’ “1 In A Million” he loves the lyrics on it, feels that
Axl got in trouble from some of the racial &
homophobic slurs that’s on it & says the
song’s got a great feel & vibe. He says Guns N’ Roses are such an amazing rock & roll
band that really self destructed as soon as
they got started, says it could’ve been 1 of
the biggest claim & rises to the top, as well
as 1 of the quickest falls also. He says all of
that’s documented in Duff McKagan’s new
book “It’s So Easy & Other Lies”: which he says
he’s reading now, says it’s very good & says
if you didn’t read it or can’t read, you need
to check it out.

Jericho says it’s really easy to read, says
you’ll feel like you were there, says Duff was
very descriptive with his stories & says he
did a good job. He says it’s 1 of those things
that you realize on how much they had in a
short period of time, says that’s similiar to
himself & says after Fozzy’s last record
["Chasing The Grail"] didn’t sell that well,
he then did a brief crying bit by saying he
had to get a smaller hot tub, instead of a
big 1. He says times are tough & says he’ll
be right back.

After the break Jericho says welcome back,
asked if he changed your lives yet & if it’s
been the greatest experience you’ve ever
had in the last 75 minutes. He says he would
think so, again says he’s so excited & says he decided to put his pants back on. He says
there’s a great drummer named Chad Smith who’s his friend that he met while he was playing hockey in Madison Square
Garden, when Christopher Reeve had a
yearly celebrity hockey game & would bring
in celebrities from music, wrestling, acting
or sports. He says they’d play hockey vs The
Rangers, again says that Chad’s a drummer
& says drummers are crazy as well as goal
tenders are crazy.

Jericho says drumming goal tenders are the
most lunatic people on the planet, says they
like hitting things with their sticks & they’d
stand there, while some objects hit them in
their heads. He says that Chad’s 1 of those
wacky type of guys, says that he himself would always have a fight with someone on
the ice on every game he played, except that he said he only played 5 of them. He
says he told Chad in the dressing room
during the 2nd period “hey man, do you
wanna have a fight” & said that Chad’s
response was “yeah, sure, sure, sure”. He
says his response to Chad was “OK, so when
it comes time I’ll find you, then we’ll have a
little fight & have some fun.”

Jericho says they’re playing the game, then
he finally asks Chad if he wants to do it,
says that Chad’s response was “yeah, yeah,
yeah” & tells Chad that he’ll swing at him,
which will have Chad duck, then hit Jericho
so he’ll fall & have Chad jump on top of him.
He says Chad hit him & jumped on top of him & then started to pumble him, then
makes smacking noises & says it was like that. He says he was like “oh my gosh, I’m
getting the crap kicked out of me by the
Red Hot Chili Peppers’ drummer in the middle of MSG”. He says it was not a bad
day at the office, then asks if this is called
either a moose or mouse & says it was a
mouse according to his facts finder with a
big black eye too.

Jericho says that’s what occurs when playing with Chad & challenging him to a
fight, says that Chad’s a hard hitting drummer & is great too. He says Chad’s got
2 new records in the top 10 now, mentions
them as RHCP’s “I’m With You”: & with Chickenfoot ["Chickenfoot III"]: . He says it’s the
surprise supergroup with Sammy Hagar,
Michael Anthony & Joe Satriani. He says
Chad can’t play with them while being on
tour so they have Kenny Aronoff & says
enough of his yacking, so you can hear
Chad’s drumming with RHCP.

8.Plays Red Hot Chili Peppers’ “Factory Of
Faith” & Chickenfoot’s “Big Foot”.

9.Jericho says you heard Chickenfoot’s “Big
Foot” on his show, tells fans to stay tuned
because in the next hour he’ll have Art Of
Dying in the studio for a very 1st “Barbara
Walters-esk” interview on his show.

10.Plays Seether’s “Tonight”, Sick Puppies’
“Maybe” & Lit’s “My Own Worse Enemy”.

11.Jericho says it’s the 2nd hour of the show, says that we’ve made it & says we’ve
logged 1 hour back this year, on XM Radio & says he’s back in the saddle again. He says
that’s cool, says the vibe of doing the show’s a lot of fun for him because he knows a lot about many things, but says it’s not that really matters. He says if you wanna talk music, movies or useless trivia
he’s your man & says it gives him the perfect place to do it on his show. He
thanks fans for following along, says he’s like the pied piper of rock, tells fans to follow him & then pretends to play a flute,
to where he calls it his “pan flute”, in case
you didn’t figure it out & says he’ll work on

Jericho says Iron Maiden had a new record
last year called “The Final Frontier”:

says it was monumentous because Eddie
[their mascot] after all these years kept changing & morphing into whatever
character they want him to be. He says
Eddie was a predator this time which was
interesting, says the record’s not 1 of his
favorites because “A Matter Of Life & Death”: was much better, says it’s Iron Maiden & you’ll know what you’ll be getting. He says at this stage of the game Iron Maiden, AC/DC, Slayer & says you get what you get.

Jericho says it’s kind of comforting, says it’s
comfort food because you’ll be opening your pack of Cheese Doodles & know that
they’ll be orange & not black. He says Iron
Maiden will never make black Cheese
Doodles is really what he’s saying, asks if that’s obvious & says Maiden toured last
year with Dream Theater, to where they had a very tumultuous year. He says
tumultuous is the word of the day, tells fans
to back & see on how many times he’s said
that word & says if you can send a self
addressed stamped envelope [SASE] on how many times he’s said it, you’ll [again in a game show voice] WIN A NEW CAR,

Jericho says Dream Theater lost their drummer Mike Portnoy who was kind of a
driving force behind the band, says that Mike played with them for 25 years & says
Mike decided to take a step back after interband workings that didn’t work out well. He says everyone wondered on who’ll
be Dream Theater’s new drummer, says it
turned out to be Michael Mangini who’s a
great drummer in his own right & says it
feeds into the song “A Rite Of Passage” that
don’t have Mangini on it, but has Portnoy.
He says it’s a blast from the past when they were touring with Iron Maiden.

12.Plays Iron Maiden’s “Mother Of Mercy” &
Dream Theater’s “A Rite Of Passage”.

13.Jericho says “A Rite Of Passage” was a
great tune from their last record “Black Clouds & Silver Linings”: with Portnoy
on drums , says their new record’s called “A
Dramatic Turn Of Events”: , says in the next
couple of weeks, he’ll play 1 of the songs from the CD, but most of them are about 15
minutes long & says it’ll be a good time to
get a sandwich or a bite. He says he can get
a steak dinner, then return & says the song
would still be playing. He says he’ll try to do
a segway by saying that still playing on the
“Uproar Tour” which’s about to wrap up
tonight [10/15] at Las Vegas’ “48 Hours
Festival”: .

Jericho says it’s his new tour buddies Art Of
Dying, says they’re fellow Canadians,
“Uproariens”, rock & rollers & says they’ll be coming up next to have a conversion on
the show, so stay tuned as he goes to a short break.

After the break Jericho again says he’s there on XM ch. 164, says for the 1st time a
guest on his show & says it’s Canada’s own,
Art Of Dying. He again says they’re his 1st
guest ever, tells them that they returned
from his 4 year hiatus & now he’s got guests. He tells them it’s an honor to have
them, asks them if they’re from BC [British
Columbia, which's in Canada], 1 of the Art Of Dying members [either Jonny Hetherington, Greg Bradley, Jeff Brown,
Cale Gontier or Tavis Stanley] says they’re
from Vancouver, Toronto, says the others
live somewhere in the west that’s only a few
thousand miles. Jericho tells US fans that
may not know this, but Canada has the
biggest city & it’s the biggest country.

Jericho says there’s like 75 people that live
in Canada which’s the size of Africa, mentions that Tavis is from Trail BC & says
the only thing is strippers & hockey players
when thinking of Trail BC. One of the AOD
guys said the strippers are gone, Jericho says the strippers are hockey players which’s a weird thing that happens in Trail
& talks about Fozzy hanging with Trail on
the “Uproar Tour”. He says they were playing after each other which was cool, 1
of the AOD guys said it was a blast, Jericho
asks on how the tour’s going & 1 of the AOD guys says it’s great. He says they
succeed all expectations for them because
they had no idea on what they were getting
into & it was a party.

Jericho says it’s a big tour also, says when
they played the 2nd stage is that everyone
crowds around it till the main stage doors
open. He says at certain points, especially in
Seattle which for them it was about 6, 7 or
8,000 fans that still gathered around & says
it’s a great way to be seen by fans that
never heard of AOD. One of the AOD guys
said it was set up perfectly to where the 2nd stage was super busy, then everyone
goes inside & Jericho agrees. One of the
AOD guys says it’s the way a festival should
work, Jericho says it’s a festival crowd & asked 1 of the AOD guys if he’s been drinking. One of the AOD guys says not yet,
but currently yes.

Jericho asked them on how long they’ve been together & how long they’ve been
playing, because they sounded great on the
stuff he’s heard them do. One of the AOD
guys said all met about 5 years ago & hasn’t
looked back since, says that their 1st time
playing together was on stage at a show in
Calgary, says that the rest flew from Toronto to learn the songs from a CD, then
drove from Vancouver, connected on stage
& again says they never looked back, to where it was magic. Jericho asked on how
they got together with the others from
Toronto because it was a long way, 1 of the
AOD guys said the drummer, Jeff, grew up
with Cale’s brother & says they knew each
other from Ontario.

One of the AOD guys said that person moved to Vancouver, says they knew each
other thru the scene & says they were hooked up 1 magical night in Toronto over
“kenesis” & cigars. Jericho says “1 enchanted night”, says that they’ve been
rocking ever since, again says “Uproar” is a
huge tour & asks as to what’s been their
favorite show, as well as if there was anything crazy that’s happened or Spinal
Tap moments on every show. One of the
AOD guys says at every show they get lost
backstage, Jericho says that’s funny because
backstage’s mostly a big parking lot & says
people don’t know that. He says all are
hanging out in their vans, buses with no

Jericho says the dressing room’s for the 2nd
stage, 1 of the AOD guys said he managed
to name every city correctly on stage & says
he’s proud of it. Jericho asks Jonny if he writes it down on paper, Jonny says to asks
the others because before they go on, he’s
like “OK, Seattle, Washington, right?” & says
it’s just to make sure. Jericho says he never
actually said any city wrong, but there’s been a couple of “I’m so excited to be, with
all of you” & says he wants to hear “Die
Trying”, which he says is a killer song. One of the AOD guys said thanks, Jericho asked as to who wrote it & 1 of the AOD guys said
he & Greg did. Jericho asks if that’s how they do it just him & Greg or if it’s a group.

One of the AOD guys says it was before they met Cale & Tavis, says it was 1 of those
flukes where Greg had a musical idea & says
he started singing over it. He says the next
thing later that night he wrote the lyrics & it was done. Another AOD guy says the next
thing you know, rock & roll history & Jericho says those are the best ones where
it’s written in 20 minutes & then plays the

14.Plays Art Of Dying’s “Die Trying”.

15.Jericho says that “Die Trying” is a tune, 1
of the AOD guys says thanks & Jericho says
it’s smoking. One of the AOD says it’s their
anthem, says it’s everything that got them
there, beyond & says they love it. Jericho says that’s what you have to do to be a
musician or anything in show business &
that is you have to be willing to die for it. One of the AOD says to never give up,
Jericho says that’s a word of advice from Tavis & says he wants to ask a question. He
says it’s something that Fozzy were talking,
then says everyone talks about the Bullet
guys & says he don’t wanna call them
“Bullet Boys” because it gives them a
condation of a different band, the Avenge

Jericho says have an interesting preshow
ritual where they take an alcoholic beverage, pour it in their hands & put it in
their hair. He says he’s seen them do it with
beer & Jack Daniels, 1 of the AOD guys asks
if it’s weird & if it’s frowned on there.
Jericho says no but it’s unique & encouraged, says he’s never seen a band do
it & asks for the story behind it. One of the
AOD guys says they’ve got lots of rituals,
says that 1 came on the “Uproar Tour” &
asked another AOD guy on how they started doing it. Another AOD guy said they
were hanging backstage before they went
on, says they usually have a bottle of Jack
Daniels & says that 1 day he poured a shot in Jonny’s hands.

The same AOD guy says Jonny put it in his
hair & they’ve done that ever since. Another
AOD guy says it was a kick ass show, says it
was like a hockey team ritual where you
wanted to keep the games going & Jericho
says it’s like you’re wearing the same jock.
AOD agrees, Jericho asks if it’s like having
the smell & the vibe makes them feel more
like rock & roll & 1 of the AOD guys says it
was a great show, to where you’ve got to
keep the shows in a row & can’t break the
curse. He says you can’t masturbate the day
of the show either, Jericho says you can’t
but not in public & the AOD guy says you
can. Jericho feels that he should be out of
the band now & the AOD guys says Keith
Richards wouldn’t be happy with him.

Jericho says the Jack Daniels in the hair makes up for it, calls the band the talk of the tour to where everyone was talking about them & then whispers by saying
“those guys put Jack Daniels in their hair”.
He says he’s seen it with beer too, so they
must’ve drank the JD & had it with beer.
One of the AOD guys says that’s cool, felt
that nobody noticed it & Jericho says we did. He says 1 day it was freezing in
Edmunton to where it was super windy, says that the guy kept putting stuff in his
hair & says “beer, he’s putting beer in his
hair”. One of the AOD guys said after that day, he poured 1/2 a bottle of champaign
down his pants & that’s how he got to the

Jericho says he put the champaign bottle in
his pants, 1 of the AOD guys asked if it was
for the whole show & Jericho says yes to where he said it was an “armadillo” in his
trousers. He says it broke 1/2 way thru to
where the whole rock & roll mistique was
gone, then was about to say the title of their new CD but says it’s in his notes & says
he’s very prepared. He says it’s called “Vices
& Virtues”: , says it’s a cool title & 1 of the AOD guys says it kinda evolved from a song under the
same name that they wrote for it, but says it’s not on it & says it’s interesting. Jericho
asks if it’s a “B” side & 1 of the AOD guys
says it’s something they’ll record for their
next record.

Jericho says he spoke earlier on sometimes
when writing a song it may not fit or you’ll
think it’ll be a “B” side or you’ll think it’ll be
a hit. He says a good song will always make
it on a record 1 way or another, AOD agrees & Jericho says you don’t wanna rush
it. He says the new song’s called “Get Thru
This”, 1 of the AOD guys says it’s their current single & Jericho says it’s about the
same vibe as “Die Trying”, but it’s the vibe of AOD. One of the AOD guys says it was a
little different because it’s a story that
could’ve went very bad, but didn’t. He says
his dad had cancer but survived & fine,
Jericho says that’s good & 1 of the AOD guys says it’s not 1 of those stories.

One of the AOD guys says he knows there’s
lots of them out there where they don’t go that well [NOTE FROM JEFF: I of all people would know this, since my mom passed away from lung cancer this past 3/15, RIP Mom!]. Anyhow he says he was at his
“Foodton” job in Vancouver, Jericho says it
was a classic musician job before he made it
& 1 of the AOD guys says he always brought
his guitar to work. He says he got the phone call, flipped over the “back in 5
minutes” sign & says 3 hours later, he came
out with that song. He says he was going
thru it, says if you have a relative or friend
that had that news, every bone in your body just rattles & says you feel emotional.

The same AOD guy says he was going thru all of that stuff by wondering “what am I
gonna do, what’s my dad gonna do, how’s
my family gonna deal with this”. He says it’s
a life or death situation, Jericho says lots of
times is that singing’s a lot like acting & says if there’s something that you feel, the
lyrics to the song means so much to you &
now for sure, he sees that every night he’ll
kill the song thru the emotion by feeling it.
One of the AOD guys says it gets to the point where you’re almost fighting back
tears when you’re on stage, says it’s like
when you really feel that close & says he
feels that he wrote the song in some way due to it being so honest & the way it came

Jericho says that fans always notice it too,
says he’s sure it’s why it’s a new single & is
sure that fans know it’s real to them. He says they’ll check the song out now as 1 of
the AOD guys cracks a beer, says it should be part of his sound effects, asks 1 of the
AOD guys to make that sound & he does.

16.Plays Art Of Dying’s “Get Thru This”.

17.Jericho says “Get Thru This” is another
great tune by AOD, says they’ve got a couple of dates left on “Uproar” & asks as to what comes next. One of the AOD guys
says they go home for 9 days after the “48
Hour Festival” in Vegas, then they go back
out, then another AOD asks if he said “48
Hour Festival in Vegas & the other AOD
says 10/15-16 will be it. Jericho says it’s
tonight when the show airs, 1 of the AOD
guys asks if that’s true & Jericho says they can be playing now on stage as the show
airs. One of the AOD guys says some of the
band members may not be alive after this &
Jericho says they may be enjoying the “art of dying” after Vegas.

Jericho says the “48 Hour Festival” is a long
2 day festival in Vegas where all the bands
play, says there’s limos at strip clubs, there’s hot tubs on the strip & says if Vegas
can get more “decadent”, it’ll be more of
that tonight & tomorrow night. He says if
you’re planning to be there to come check it out, says to check out AOD, Fozzy, BFMV,
Avenged Sevenfold, Korn & others & after
that, take a limo to see some strippers. One
of the AOD guys says it’s the largest 2 day
party ever, Jericho asks if they’ll put Jack
Daniels in their hair for the show & another
AOD guys says he’ll take a Jack Daniels bath. Jericho says that’s rock & roll & another AOD says “in my heart shaped via

Another AOD says he’ll wear a stripper on
stage, Jericho then says “and now wearing
the current instripper, it’s AOD’s Jonny” &
says it’s very cool talking to them. He calls
them a great band, says the songs are great, he’s seen them livethey smell of Jack Daniels & asks as to what more can you
want from a rock & roll band. Jericho asks if
they’ll be at “Aldias Way”, 1 of the AOD guys says they’ll be co-headlining the tour
nationwide & says a lot in Texas. Jericho says to watch out for it. One of the AOD guys says to follow them for 6 weeks, Jericho says to be like Dead Heads, except
be “Die Heads” or “Die Hearts”.

Jericho asks them to plug their site, 1 of the
AOD guys says it’s , says to just type
in “Art Of Dying” while Jericho tells fans to
Google it, because they’re smart enough. He says he taught 1 big word earlier, so now just use Google, tells AOD to have a
great show, tells them to have a great tour
& says it’s great talking to them. He tells them he’ll see them next time & says he’ll be right back.

After the short break Jericho says welcome
back to the return of the show, again
introduces himself & says he’s happy to be
back playing tunes for you while talking,
hanging out & cleaning up the studio. He
says there’s lots of Nikki Sixx sweat in there
as well as bandanas & rags, so it’s quite the
rock & roll extravaganza to be there. He says he don’t know if you watched the
Martin Scorsase documentary on George
Harrison ["George Harrison:Living In The
Material World"]: a few weeks
ago, says it was amazing if you’re a Beatles
fan or if you’re a music fan & a 70s fan.

Jericho says it was just the whole vibe, says
the cool thing on this was that it had lots of
rare footage that he never saw before &
says he’s a big Beatles fanatic. He says he
knows everything about them since he was
8, says that they showed lots of amazing
footage to where it gave you a sense on
who George was & says he was happy to see it. He says everyone talks about Lennon
& McCartney, but George sometimes don’t
get the glory or spotlight like he should &
finally now, it looks like he’s gonna get it.
He says people understand that George wasn’t the quiet Beatle, but the mystical Beatle & says that George was this phantom
who was wiser then all of us.

Jericho says there’s some real good stories
there & if you didn’t see it, he highly
recommends you do & emplores you to do
so. He says it was monumental because the
same week, Paul McCartney got married for
the 3rd time on 10/9 which was also John Lennon’s birthday & says Paul had to have
known. He says there’s no way he would
“oh, I didn’t know that”, says it seems like
there was a real planned thing & says it was
a big Beatles week with both the
documentary, Paul’s wedding & Ringo [Starr] an “alpoyo loco”, so he had a big
week also.

18.Plays The Beatles’ “Savoy Truffle”, “Get
Back” & “I Want You”.

19.Jericho says he just played 1 his top 3 all time Beatles songs, says that more importantly the great John Lennon & says
that to him, is 1 of the very 1st heavy metal
songs ever. He says he sees Black Sabbath
playing it in ’72, says it’s a great way to end
off the show & says if you have requests,
ideas or thoughts on the show, go on for all of your
ROJ needs. He says he’ll take your compliments, throw all your criticisms in the
dumpster in the back along with Ringo’s
“alpoyo loco” chicken bones & says until
next week, he’ll return at the same time &
channel. He again says it’s his show, again
introduces himself & says he’ll see you next

20.Ends with Scorpions’ “Big City Nights”, 311′s “Sunset In July”, Jet’s “Are You Gonna
Be My Girl” & the show ends at 7:04 PM. So much for the rumored “5 hour show”
format that was originally reported.

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