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Video: Kimbo Slice scores one punch KO in second boxing match

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  1. Dave says:

    This is not a fair fight. They’re not in the same weight division. Kimbo would probably get K.O’ed every fight in his weight division.

  2. kimbo should face someone like arreola or Klitschko..

  3. Captain Ass says:

    I always thought Kimbo would make a great boxer. Even in his bare knuckle days he would stick & move like a boxer. Good fit for him. He’s a bit old to start a new career like boxing but whatever works for him.

  4. kc says:

    Of course Gary Shaw puts another tomato can for Kimbo to crush. Put him in there against a real boxer with some sort of credibility and he would get knocked the F out. Kimbo is overrated, he can’t bang with the big boys in the heavyweight division

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