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News on The Jarretts, Tara, Frankie Edgar, and JR

Frankie Edgar Asked to Motivate New York Jets Once Again

– From Ian Wilz: Was watching ESPN Fantasy Football Now and fans can submit questions or comments. They came back from commercial and Jeff and Karen Jarrett were on video touting their fantasy defense locks of the week. Right afterward they mentioned the Jarretts were getting ready for TNAs biggest PPV of the year Bound for Glory tonight.

– Jim Ross tweeted: I’m under contract to wwe. Well paid by team I helped build. Quitting for me not an option. Those that suggest such I feel for. Successf …

TNA Knockout Tara on top of the pyramid. The Miami Herald interviews Tara.

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3 Responses

  1. Kerry says:

    Jim Ross – Well paid, poorly used. I guess the almighty dollar IS the bottom line, even for him.

  2. Radar says:

    im starting to think this whole jim ross thing is TURNING INTO a work

  3. McMahon says:

    With all of JR’s health problems I’m sure he has better things to be concerned about than how well his character is portrayed on RAW. I mean, it was classless to just give him an on air firing without warning (if he’s actually going to stay gone) but at this point it doesn’t even seem like something worth worrying about for him.

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