BOUND FOR GLORY: RVD vs. Lynn (Full Metal Mayhem)

Oct 16, 2011 - by Adam Martin

Full Metal Mayhem Match
Rob Van Dam vs. Jerry Lynn

Some exchanges early on with RVD going for an armbar. RVD brings all the offense with clotheslines and side kicks to Lynn. Lynn counters a Rolling Thunder with a big dropkick. Lots of counters between the two and we get the stare down with the golf clap. Strange spot with Lynn tackling RVD against the ropes. RVD misses a moonsault off the ring barricades. Lynn gets a steel chair involved (legal in this contest) along with a ladder. RVD with a crossbody to Lynn with Lynn landing back first over the chair. RVD with his chair to the face spot in the corner on Lynn. Lynn is sent into the ladder, ladder falls over him and RVD hits a Rolling Thunder over the ladder on Lynn. We get an ECW chant…in 2011. Lynn with a dropkick to the face of RVD using a chair. Lynn drops the ladder over the second rope, tosses RVD on it and misses a leg drop from the corner. Lynn launches a chair at the face of RVD into a german suplex with a bridge for a two count. RVD suplexes Lynn over the ladder. We get another ECW chant as RVD hits a springboard moonsault over Lynn on the ladder. Lynn with a flying sitdown clothesline as RVD rolled across the ring and flipped up. Lynn pulls a ladder out from under the ring and props it up against the barricade. Lynn with a sunset flip on RVD from the ring to the ladder below. ECW chant. Very dangerous spot. RVD gets Lynn in the corner with the ladder pushed against his head. RVD grabs a chair, goes to the other corner and connects with the Van Terminator. Huge reaction from the crowd. RVD pulls Lynn from the corner and covers him to get the win.

Winner: Rob Van Dam

After the match, RVD and Lynn shake hands. Lynn limps up the ramp as RVD celebrates with the crowd.

We see footage from earlier today of Dixie Carter arriving.

* Samoa Joe vs. Matt Morgan vs. Crimson is up next.

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