BOUND FOR GLORY: Ray vs. Anderson (Falls Count Anywhere)

Oct 16, 2011 - by Adam Martin

Falls Count Anywhere
Bully Ray vs. Mr. Anderson

Anderson hits the ring quickly and goes after Ray. Ray goes up top, Anderson low blows him, Anderson gets Ray on his shoulders, but Ray counters dropping down and kicking Anderson in the face. Ray rips off Anderson’s shirt and chops him hard. Ray with a second and third chop to the chest. Anderson with a spinning kick to the head that drops Ray. Anderson grabs a sign that says, “Welcome to Philly asshole.” Anderson cracks it over the head of Ray. He rips the sign and reveals a “DEAD END” sign was under it. Anderson hits Ray a second time with it and a loud echo fills the arena. Anderson throws a cup of beer in Ray’s face. A woman in the crowd throws a beer in the face of Anderson and starts laughing. Ray pulls a table out from under the ring and gets a big reaction from the Philly crowd. They brawl up to the top of the stage. Ray slaps the side of Anderson and gives him a suplex over the top of the stage. Ray is busted open over the top of his head. Ray then calls for Anderson’s hanging mic. He introduces himself coming from New York City. Anderson low blows Ray, grabs the mic and says, “This isn’t New York City, this is Philly…bitch!” Anderson cracks the mic over Ray’s head. They brawl to the backstage area. Ray gives Anderson a piledriver over the concrete floor. Anderson gets a shoulder up during a pin attempt. Ray starts choking Anderson with the tip of a steel chair. They brawl back inside the arena. You can see a wonderful shot of empty seats in the upper deck. They brawl near the ring and Anderson brings in part of a steel barricade. Ray cuts off Anderson and grabs a second table (another table was already setup on the outside near the ring). Anderson with a back body drop on Ray with Ray landing over the barricade. Part of the bars are bent. Anderson comes off the top rope looking to hit a senton splash, but Ray moves and he catches the barricade on the back of his neck. Ray then gives Anderson a Bubba Bomb through the table. Anderson gets a shoulder up during a pinfall. Ray attempts a back splash over Anderson who is draped across the barricade. Anderson moves and Ray lands over the barricade with a thud. That looked nasty. Anderson with a Mic Check to Ray head first into the barricade. Anderson covers and Ray gets a shoulder up. Anderson is busted open all over his face. Anderson drops Ray and puts him over the table. Anderson goes up top, hits a senton splash, but the table doesn’t break. Anderson grabs Ray and hits the Mic Check putting Ray through the table. Anderson covers Ray and gets the win.

Winner: Mr. Anderson

Backstage, Eric Bischoff is talking with referee Jackson James. He reveals that Jackson is his son. Back in the ring, Tenay and Taz are speechless that James is Bischoff’s son.

* The four way for the TNA Knockouts Championship is up next.

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