BOUND FOR GLORY: Jeff Jarrett, Jeff Hardy segment

Oct 16, 2011 - by Adam Martin

Jeff Jarrett is on his way out to the arena and gets in the ring. Jarrett grabs a mic and starts talking to Jeff Hardy saying he told him to never set foot in this city. He said he heard Hardy showed up. Jarrett said no one wants Hardy in TNA. The fans in Philly start a “Hardy” chant. Jarrett calls out Hardy. Jeff Hardy answers and makes his way to the ring with new music. Hardy attacks Jarrett. Jarrett fights back. Hardy starts ripping Jarrett’s shirt off. TNA security hits the ring to break it up. Hardy breaks free and goes after Jarrett. TNA agents hit the ring to separate the two. Jarrett screams, “Nobody wants you here Hardy!” as security takes him to the back.

* Hulk Hogan fights Sting next.

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