BOUND FOR GLORY: Four way for the TNA Knockouts Title

Oct 16, 2011 - by Adam Martin

TNA Knockouts Championship
Special guest referee: Karen Jarrett
Winter (c) w/ Angelina Love vs. Velvet Sky vs. Madison Rayne vs. Mickie James

Mickie James and Winter start. Winter sends James into the corner. James with a quick neckbreaker. Madison Rayne is now in and drops James down quickly. James tackles Rayne and hits some right hands. velvet Sky is now in with facebusters to the knee. Sky covers Rayne and Karen goes to tie her shoe. Sky and James are now in. James drops Rayne off the apron. Sky with kicks and chops to James. Sky with a head scissors takedown on James. Sky knocks Winter off the apron. Winter and Love get in some cheap shots on Sky. Rayne is going after James. James with a clothesline to Winter in the corner. Love handed something to Winter that she put in her mouth. Winter ends up spitting it in the face of Karen. James with her jumping DDT on Winter. She counts her own pin. Traci Brooks runs down and hits the ring. James and Winter brawl to the outside. Sky with a facebuster to Rayne. Traci acts as referee and counts the pinfall.

Winner and NEW TNA Knockouts Champion: Velvet Sky

Backstage, Jeremy Borash is with Kazarian. He talks about being happy for Bobby Roode tonight getting a shot for the TNA Championship. Kazarian said tonight is personal between AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels.

A video package runs focusing on the history of Styles and Daniels in TNA.

* AJ Styles vs. Christopher Daniels in an “I Quit” match is up next.

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