AAA owner comments on wrestlers turning against the promotion

Oct 16, 2011 - by Kris Zellner

AAA Owner Marisela Pena was asked about Octagon & La Parka Jr. turning on the promotion last Sunday night and joining up with La Sociedad and she said that she couldn’t believe what she saw and she was completely disappointed that two icons of AAA that were created by her late brother Antonio Pena could betray not only the promotion but the fans as well. She said that she doesn’t know what Konnan could’ve done to convince them to commit such a treasonous act but she has been taught well by her brother on how to handle situations like this because many people have turned on him & AAA over the years and with help from her husband Joaquin Roldan & the AAA Army they will overcome. Marisela had a message for the turncoats saying that she hopes that they can reconsider their actions because there is still time to do that and that good will always overpower evil but if they decide to stay with the darkside then they would be punished for their actions. She said that she has full trust in the AAA army and that everyone’s mind should be on how to stop La Sociedad from further poisoning the promotion that her family has built and to comfort the fans who have felt betrayed by their heroes to which she said she has some surprises in mind for the future that would please them.

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