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Gail Kim says she is done with WWE

Gail Kim is finished with WWE, “I’ve experienced WWE twice now, and I know that I do not enjoy that place,” said the Kim in an interview with Sun Sports.

Kim requested her release on August 5th, but WWE didn’t grant her request, thus she sat out until her contract expired at the end of September. “Johnny (Laurinaitis) said ‘I’ll have to get clearance for you to quit, it shouldn’t be a problem.’ Of course it was a problem, and they didn’t want me to work anywhere else, so I had to stay at home.”

Regarding TNA, Kim commented, “I’m not retiring from wrestling, I can say that. I always said – I said it in my last interview with TNA on a Knockout’s DVD – that I always felt like I would return there one day. I’d love to finish up my career there.”

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  1. chris says:

    Goos for Gail. Too many people look at the WWE as the place to be. I’ve heard from way too many people that the happiness that many express is just a facade.

  2. she been future endeavored by John L.

  3. Zack says:

    I saw the interview. It went further than what it says above. She made it a quote that she would “never go back to WWE”.

  4. Micheal says:

    No matter re she goes or what she does, her fans will be behind her. She was misused in the WWE. Her talents are betrter off and better showcased in TNA. The best of luck to you Gail, no matter where you go.

  5. bob holly says:

    you see, in tna you can be sloppy and the impact zone fans who get in for free will still cheer and no one watches tna so no one in the viewing world sees it either. you got brought back to wwe and had EMBARRASSINGLY bad matches. botchmania-style matches. and your attitude sucks, always has.
    so yeah you can go back to tna and be a star for people who didnt pay a dime to get in and wont remember your name 5 minutes after they leave. your just one of many attractions they will see that day at the park and certainly not the most memorable one.

  6. hey bob holly why dont you quit your hating yea tna is not good now but thats because bischoff and hogan are in charge

  7. Monty says:

    How great it is to see Gail talk about issues with females in WWE. Now since she’s an advocate of women getting fair treatment would she care to comment on issues that have been brought numerous times concerning how females have been treated by TNA over the years? There have been long articles written about this stuff. Maybe she can talk to someone like Daffney about this stuff.

  8. -Jay- says:

    She thinks TNA will push her and pay her good money? Better head to Japan Gail.

  9. James T. says:

    Well she only has certain options left TNA wrestling again, ROH, or indy which is also over seas. It was interesting to note that Nick did not cut her out of Nick’s game show. Cause some shows do edit former talent out.

  10. kc says:

    Well looks like shes only a month or two behind WWE being done with her.

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