Gail Kim says she is done with WWE

Oct 15, 2011 - by Steve Gerweck

Gail Kim is finished with WWE, “I’ve experienced WWE twice now, and I know that I do not enjoy that place,” said the Kim in an interview with Sun Sports.

Kim requested her release on August 5th, but WWE didn’t grant her request, thus she sat out until her contract expired at the end of September. “Johnny (Laurinaitis) said ‘I’ll have to get clearance for you to quit, it shouldn’t be a problem.’ Of course it was a problem, and they didn’t want me to work anywhere else, so I had to stay at home.”

Regarding TNA, Kim commented, “I’m not retiring from wrestling, I can say that. I always said – I said it in my last interview with TNA on a Knockout’s DVD – that I always felt like I would return there one day. I’d love to finish up my career there.”

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