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Jim Ross comments on his on air firing

Jim Ross is claiming that he wasn’t notified about the RAW segment where
he was going to get fired by John Laurinaitis live on the show saying that
it was a “complete surprise.” He called it as one of those embarrassing
moments you endure and then move on, noting that his wife was there at
ringside as well which didn’t help things. He said that the interview that
WWE.COM tried to get after as he was walking out was a “TMZ-like ambush” and
said he was smart to shut his mouth and say nothing regardless of the
question being asked. Ross added that he’s still working for WWE and
involved with the Legends Roundtable tapings that air on WWE 24/7 and hopes
to be involved with the upcoming WWE Network as well.

(thanks to Colin Vassallo)

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13 Responses

  1. Hans says:

    This was handled with about as much class as a Red Sox clubhouse full of chicken and beer.

  2. -Jay- says:

    they treat jr like sh*t.

  3. McMahon says:

    And the award for most random attack on the Boston Red Sox goes to Hans!

    But seriously, WWE didn’t learn the first time that JR doesn’t want you to surprise him on air about his employment? Really? Weak as hell.

  4. The XFL says:

    8-21 in September. Nuff’ said.

  5. Agent Cooper says:

    Just more Vince jackassery. He’s always the one who goes out of his way to embarrass JR. He gets some sort of perverse satisfaction out of it. He’s a 66-year-old man who acts like a junior high bully.

  6. Hipnosis says:

    Jim Ross should have just went to TNA :\ if they fired him at least he could have been like Owner or Something lol

  7. Drew says:

    I enjoy RAW more when JR is around, and I’m sad to see him go like this.

  8. xLx says:

    I will say the spontaneity of it benefited one person, Johnny Ace, because that smile on his face was more personality then he could provide if it was a work.

    Look. I’m with them getting rid of J.R., I love and respect the man, but he isn’t the same commentator he was a decade ago. It’s age, it’s a factor. Thing that annoys me is I know two months from now they’re gonna bring him back, again. I’m tired of it, JR is tired of it I think, Just stay away from the commentary JR, your not only better then that your worth more than that. He has nothing left to prove to the wrestling world.

  9. Jamie says:

    He’s not the same commentator because he’s not working with the same team. I loved it back in the day with Ross as the ‘straight man’ to Lawler’s ‘annoying heelish guy’. Problem now is with the 3-man booth. Cole is playing (a more annoying version of) the Lawler role, Lawler is playing JR’s old role, which leaves JR doing…

    JR works best when he is the sole play-by-play guy with a colour commentator to play off of him. That said, I’d still want him in the booth. To my generation, he is the voice of wrestling

  10. darrin says:

    ever notice that something always happens to JR when they are in OK ?

  11. Beast says:

    I don’t like JR hopefully he’s REALLY fired.

  12. matt says:

    Dont you guys realize this is just an angle? he will be back soon…

  13. bob holly says:

    jr doesnt go to mexico. its as simple as that.

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