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Shake up at Spike TV

Brian Diamond, who was the Senior Vice President of Sports and Specials with Spike TV, has been let go by the network. reports that Diamond was a big supporter of TNA programming.

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  1. Coolquip says:

    Similar thing happened that killed WCW……….

  2. bob holly says:

    thats hardly what killed wcw LOL

    and it cant be the excuse when tna finally closes down.

    back on topic though, i doubt this is going to change anything. he certainly wasnt fired because he was a tna fan. and tna is not on spike tv because he worked there. but dont ask me why he is a tna fan or why tna is on spike. im confused by both questions.

  3. Nick says:

    I’m guessing he was fired for losing UFC, not because of Impact Wrestling.

  4. -Jay- says:

    spike must draw such low ratings overall that even tna’s low ratings seem good to them.

  5. AJ Starr says:

    Bob, TNA is not going to close down. You have been ranting like this for months, yet I don’t see them doing any worse. By your logic, RoH is doomed because they were bought out and moved to another company, and will be on a network that most of the country does not see. Furthermore, all Indies are doomed because most Main Eventers are the promoters, their buddies, or close friends, most of the time which they don’t have an ounce of talent.

    What exactly do you base this off of, anyway? WWE is worse in the hole creative wise than TNA right now, as the last 2 RAWs are being called the worst in the company’s history, with no end in sight to the stupidity.

    You seem to be very mark-ish, and I don’t understand how you reach the conclusions that you do.

  6. bob holly says:

    @AJ i dont see how you cannot see the writing on the wall. no matter who tna brings in it does not increase their ratings, their ppv buys are disgraceful, their “on the road” shows lasted even shorter than i predicted. everything that comes out of that company gets bad press and deservedly so.

    from bringing back the nasty boys, the jeff hardy incident, the bad rehash (and uber predictable) nwo wannabe group at 10/10/10, matt hardys “ghosts” and suicide video post, hogans ridiculous pay, the failed monday night move, the failed on the road impact shows, the wtf booking of the world title, keeping jeff hardy on the roster, the upcoming sting vs hogan disaster, having a cage match where the guys cant even get out of the poorly designed cage, angle being arrested two times for drunk driving as world champ, kurt angle stalking shaniqua and getting popped with drugs in his truck, the embarrassing angle/jarrett storyline with its failed worked shoot story that no one cared about (viewership dropped every time their segment was on tv), destroying their own knockouts division, bouncing jimmy wang yangs checks to the point he has to go on twitter to get paid, dixies numerous broken promises for huge turn arounds and “tna will change forever” predictions, stealing undertakers promo video and copying it for stings return (the only people who found that cool or funny is tna), ric flairs broke butt acting like a spolied diva in england and getting sued and being arrested over his daughters drama, stories with no ending like joe being kidnapped by ninjas or eric young putting together a nice group and rebranding himself only to see it go away and him return to being goofy one week with no explanation or the “ace of spades assassin” story or who really beat up bischoff when he blamed mick foley, madison rayne working at a sunglasses hut at the mall while she was tna knockouts champ to make ends meet, tna wrestlers literally being on welfare to make ends meet (jesse neal for example), mick foley making fun of tnas empty house shows while employed by tna, their failed sin cara wannabe, doing things like firing petey williams but bringing back scott “i have the dexterity of a picnic table” steiner, the failed new “they” story they started before actually having nash and booker signed (maybe this goes under unfinished stories), the poorly done “reaction” series, ripping off the taker/bearer/kane story with van der berg/abyss/mesias only to end it with a taped match on the screen for the live audience, stealing the same “network” idea ecw used on the same channel, hernandez vs morgan at VR…nuff said…

    **I DOUBT YOU READ ALL THIS** (tna fans hate reality)

    i could go on and on, that was literally off the top of my head and theres things i didnt bring up im just tired of typing. but those are some disturbing things right there. welfare?? champion works at the mall??

    so please tell me what tna has going for it and back it up with some kind of evidence like a significant, sustained ratings increase. or a good public press story. or increased ppv buys.

    you cant. if you like tna thats fine, i was a die hard fan since the beginning until last august, that was my final straw. but at least admit its being run into the ground, covering your ears and screaming “lalalala” doesnt make you a true fan. its ok to criticize what you love but stop pretending its perfect. even they know it was getting so bad they tried to rebrand themselves as impact wrestling to get away from the tna reputation (and poorly thought out call letters) which only caused more confusion.

    i wont comment on your roh thing because roh isnt the topic. so tired of tna fans bringing up what other companies do when tna gets called out.

    lastly i never said tna would go out of business like next week. i give them until the end of 2012 and thats being generous.

  7. AJ Starr says:

    WWE has been in the same rut for more than a decade. Their ratings have remained the same for over 10 years… actually they have been getting slightly worse. Attendance hasn’t improved for them at all, either. PPV buyrates? Down.

    Sorry, but your logic would also imply the WWE is doomed as well.

  8. bob holly says:

    LOL….thank you my friend for again changing the subject to another company. i guess all that truth left you speechless.


    your all made from the same cookie cutter.

  9. fairfax says:

    TNA is stagnant. They continue to burn money on a guy like Hogan who doesn’t even acknowledge the company in anyway other than when he’s on the show. But you CAN NOT continue to pay guys like him 2 million dollars a year and then draw 350 fans to your house shows. TNA needs some real growth and I’m not sure how they’ll go about doing that. TNA does pretty decent ratings in comparison to what other shows on spike and for cable in general draw. Your not going to see any wrestling show or really any other show draw 6’s and high 5’s like they did in the late 90’s because so much about television has changed. Its just not going to happen. Consider that while WWE drew 6’s during the height of the attitude era they where drawing 12’s and 13’s back in the late 80’s during Hogan’s run on top. Television has just changed so much that Raw drawing 3’s is a natural progression. I’m not saying Raw is good. The show has been pretty bad as of late but to anyone outside of the IWC Raw is a pretty successful franchise. They consistently draw the highest ratings on cable the production values are off the chart and week in and week out no matter what they continue to produce. What TNA truly needs is to stop burning money on big money pay checks for guys who have no desire to get the company over and use that money to get the hell out of the impact zone for good. These last few shows that have been taped on the road have really changed the entire feel to the show. That’s what TNA so desperately needs. I honestly don’t think there is too much cause for concern when it comes to a new exec at Spike TV that is unless his name is Jamie Kellner. The BIGGEST threat to TNA is Bob and Janice Carter finally getting fed up with there daughter Dixie’s careless spending. Just my take, sorry it was all over the place. fairfax

  10. AJ Starr says:

    In all honesty, I have only watched 4 or 5 Impacts this year.

    Your issue Bob, is that you’re a mark.

    Looking over figures… TNA has improved by leaps and bounds in the time WWE has actually dropped on average for everything; attendance, buyrates, and TV ratings.

    So when someone like you, is a broken record, saying; “TNA is gonna die,” it makes no sense, and NEEDS comparison. I don’t understand how one-track minded you are.

    TNA is not losing money anymore, and are now going on the road once a month because they are doing well enough for it to get done. Your comments make absolutely no sense, are unfounded, and to be honest, thoughts of an uninformed mind.

  11. bob holly says:

    lol…yep, i wouldnt address any of the things i mentioned either. id just avoid it and send personal attacks towards anyone who bashed tna because you certainly cant defend the product. when you take your ADD medicine and focus on the topic and leave the personal insults out and stop jumping to what other companies do maybe you can see through the rainbow colored glasses you wear.

    “tna is perfect, all the problems you speak of are lies created by the evil meida. jeff hardy was sober at VR. kurt angle was set up. matt hardy didnt do it, the ghosts did. tna is wonderful. and hogan is worth every penny, his match against sting will be a match of the decade candidate!”


  12. AJ Starr says:

    Like I said, Bob, you are being an absolute mark. Now, you’re just embarrassing yourself.

    Want to talk about wrestlers being stupid? Fine.

    -Vince green lights JR to be publically humiliated in his home state, in front of his wife, for reasons that can only be considered “Vince found it funny.”

    -Triple H ruins the rise of CM Punk becoming the next Stone Cold by hogging all the mic time, thus deflating the biggest angle of the year, THEN he beats Punk on PPV, when Trips isn’t even active anymore. BAD BUSINESS.

    -Michael Cole, whom the majority of all wrestling fans call the worst announcer of all time, is still doing the jackass routine, even though people have been shouting at him to be released for years.

    What’s even more funny, is now you are putting words in my mouth, instead of trying to back up your claims… REAL cute. Like I’ve said to you before, why do you think I’m the one writing columns for this site, and you’re not? I use information, facts, and what’s real when I write… you spout off like a mark, unjustified, with lies, and without the knowledge of what you’re talking about.

    Now, quit embarrassing yourself and put forth the effort into something useful.

  13. bob holly says:

    ah, more wwe talk and not once comment on the giant paragraph of problems with tna that i wrote. like i said before when youre ready to talk about the topic, which is tna, ill gladly engage you.

    tna fans just CANNOT talk about tna. its ALWAYS changed to what other companies do lol and no matter how many times i call you out on it, you just continue doing it. its hilarious!!

    i dont need to back up my claims, they are all historical facts. there are records, reports, video footage, etc.

    ill ask you this direct question, which im sure you will avoid…where did i lie?? you called me a liar lol and i just have to know exactly what i made up. ah nm, dont try, youll just change the topic anyway HAHAHAHA

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