Update on the arrest of a former WWE/TNA star

Oct 11, 2011 - by Steve Gerweck

Former WWE and TNA wrestler Travis Tomko has been arrested and charged with robbing a drugstore in St. Augustine, Florida. 38-year-old Tomko walked into CVS Pharmacy on Monday afternoon in an attempt to get Oxycodone–the infamous drug which took the lives of wrestlers Andrew “Test” Martin, Luna Vachon, Sherri Martel, among others. He allegedly threatened the pharmacist and ordered him to go to the safe and pass over all the Oxycodone 15mg and 30mg he had. The pharmacist, who believed that Tomko had a firearm concealed under his shirt, handed over three bottles which contained a total of 210 tablets. Before making his getaway, Tomko said he was a drug addict and needed help. Officers were dispatched to the Pharmacy to investigate and recognized Tomko from surveillance tape footage. Units then responded to Tomko’s last known address but his wife said he was not home. A few hours later Tomko was picked up at a nearby restaurant after reports came in that a man was possibly using drugs inside the bathroom. Officers found him with needle marks and blood running down his arms. Tomko denies threatening the pharmacist and claims the pills were volunteered to him. He told cops that he had lost his prescription and that’s the reason he asked for the pills. He admitted to being an addict and said that recent personal problems had magnified his addiction. He noted just before his arrest he had crushed down more than 100 pills and injected himself. Officers transported him to a local hospital for evaluation but he was deemed okay and later discharged by doctors. He was formally charged at 5 AM this morning with felony strong arm robbery. Tomko is currently incarcerated in St. Johns County Jail with bond set at $7,500.

(credit: Wrestling Globe Newsletter)

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