Bloodstained Memoirs DVD Cover Art and DVD Extras revealed

Oct 10, 2011 - by Steve Gerweck

The following is a list of extras which will be available on the Bloodstained Memoirs DVD:

A 2011 introduction from Nora Greenwald.

In the Pit: An extended interview with Roddy Piper

A Cover Model in Paris: Christy Hemme Interview

Let It Snow: Al Snow outtakes and bloopers.

Sex and Violence Scene: A scene from the drama production Bloodstained Memoirs was derived from.

Sex and Violence Teaser Trailer: A rare teaser trailer for the “Sex and Violence” production.

App Studio Tour: A look inside the making of the Bloodstained Memoirs iPhone App.

Soundtrack: The music featured in Bloodstained Memoirs.

The DVD can be pre ordered NOW from Amazon:

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