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Wrestling community remembers Eddie Guerrero

comments made via Twitter:

* Chavo Jr.: Today is Eddie’s birthday. 44yrs old. I miss him very much! I know many of u do too. Let’s celebrate in his honor! Missed but not forgotten!

* Vickie Guerrero: Eddie has always been my guardian angel! He reminds me to keep my eyes open and heart guarded….I miss him everyday. Thank you to everyone showing your love and respect for Eddie. My daughters and I are humbled and grateful.

* Shannon Moore: Happy Birthday to Eddie Guerrero. One of the best of all time. Nothing but respect and love for him and his family.

* Former WWE diva Cherry: #vivalaraza Happy Birthday Eddie!!! U r truly missed!

* JBL: Happy Birthday to my pal Eddie Guerrero. Wish you were here to celebrate it, I miss you!

* Rosita: Rest in peace and a very happy birthday to the one and only Eddie Guerrero! Mucho amor!

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  1. Kerry says:

    Ok, here is a weird coincidence – I just watched Eddie’s last match against Mr. Kennedy on Youtube today & I didn’t even know today would have been his birthday.

  2. Mackdeezy says:

    Happy bday Eddie

  3. Drew says:

    That video made me cry ;_;

    I miss Eddie, and I’ll never forget him.

  4. Ashley says:

    I love how each of these people remember and took the time out of their day to express how they feel about him. It just proves how special he was to everyone. RIP EDDIE<3
    he may be gone but nobody will ever forget just how good he was <3 miss seeing you on WWE

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