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News on Matt Hardy, Jimmy Hart, and Frankie Edgar

– Jimmy Hart has a cameo on the Sunday night episode of Extreme Makeover on ABC.

– Reby Sky on Matt Hardy and his videos: “Before he posts every video, I give him a talk, and don’t want to feel like his mother or babysitter or
council, but I’ll say, `Matt, maybe this isn’t a good idea.’ I tell him what I think about it, why I think that way, and he will either take it
and say, `Okay, maybe not,’ or he will put it up anyway. He’s going to do what he’s going to do. He’s a very strong personality, and obviously
that has gotten him to where he’s at now, that’s part of it. He does have a good formula. He takes it a little too far sometimes and gets a
little caught up in the attention, but I think now he’s going to be a little smarter about what he posts.”

– interview with Frankie Edgar

(information from the Wrestling Globe Newsletter was used in this report)

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