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Update on Eric Bischoff

Yesterday, we reported that Hulk Hogan had agreed to a new deal with TNA, and the Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that Eric Bischoff also inked a new contract with Impact Wrestling. Their contracts were set to expire on 10/10.

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  1. B says:


  2. BK says:

    You have to give them credit. They always find a way to secure contracts while basically having to do nothing!

  3. JD Storm says:

    i’d love to know how to keep getting steady paychecks for being a worthless bum.

  4. -Jay- says:

    Pandemonium 1996! TNA will NEVER be the same! Whatcha gonna do BROTHER???

    The dynamic duo of Grandpa Hogan and Uncle Eric…skyrocketing TNA to the stratosphere!

    Round 2 BROTHER!

  5. Vrx says:

    I always love when people think they know how to run wrestling promotion better than people who have been there for +30 years, sure it could be A LOT better product, but really people just dont even know half the stuff that happend that doesnt read in the dirtsheets.

  6. Mackdeezy says:

    Please reference my response to when Hogan re-signed.

    You know, the one that says “it was OBVIOUS”

  7. Cody T. says:

    Wish I could sign with a company after I’ve helped kill it for the past two years

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