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William Regal comments on Raw angle

Regal via Twitter:

Some people have asked about the walkout on Raw.My personal reasons for my action was that I think HHH has enough on his plate being the COO.I know exactly what it takes to be in charge of Raw and it comes at a dear price(or it did with me).HHH is in charge of the WWE.He needs to concentrate on the company as a whole and put a suitable candidate in charge of the Raw brand.

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  1. raven12516 says:

    He’s got a point you know.

  2. hbkfan91 says:

    Its all going to elude HHH’s daddy in law to come back. Watch youre going to find out Vince is the saboteur.

  3. Brandon says:

    Mick Foley is going to come back as Raw GM

  4. Kerry says:

    Kayfabe still lives.

  5. Jextreme says:

    I like a face COO/GM or whatever you wanna call it… It makes things more unpredictable, heel GM/COOs basically stack the deck against the face star and screw em over, a face GM/COO is unpredictable he makes fun matches and usually you don’t see what’s coming next. Take HHH as COO for example, the storylines that have been moving along recently have been fun/unpredictable, while former heel GMs setup the same matches everynight, the main event face vs. Generic big man/handicap match/or tag-team match… boring…

    Bringing in a heel COO/GM is only going to bring the wwe back to the stale product it’s trying to shake away from…

    Been enjoying the product the last 1/2 a year or so, and with the “fall” of HHH, I fear the product is going back to being stale again bringing in another heel COO/GM…

  6. Bommaniac says:

    @Jextreme totally agree to a point. As long as that heel GM is occupied with a decent fued it can work. Just need someone to cause some chaos against the boss, Stone Cold style.

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