Averno talks about losing his mask; WWE in Mexico

Oct 5, 2011 - by Kris Zellner

Averno said in an interview over the weekend that many people thought that once he lost his mask that he would go on a downward spiral in his career but that has not been the case as he has felt reborn since losing it because he now has his family’s honor to uphold. Averno also talked about the report by Super Luchas in May that he was signing with WWE and said that nothing was ever concrete and that while it is a dream of his to become a star in the United States as he has already conquered Mexico along with having success with New Japan his home is with EMLL. Averno said that if WWE comes with a deal that he would listen to it of course but his heart is in Mexico. Averno then talked about WWE becoming big in Mexico and said that the wrestlers themselves are to blame because they go out and throw around these big challenges for mask and hair matches but never deliver which angers the fans because they get their hopes up and some of these guys never follow through.

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