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Photo: Cody Rhodes brings back the classic IC title belt

From last night’s Hell in a Cell PPV:

photo credit: World Wrestling Entertainment

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  1. -Jay- says:

    Great now ditch the cena wwe belt for the old eagle one and bring back all the retro belts including the old tag belts.

  2. echo says:

    I always thought that belt had a “regal” look to it. I hope they keep the design and it’s not just a Cody-only gimmick.

  3. Oliver says:

    Goldust’s belt is now on Cody’s waist 😀

  4. James says:

    I agree, echo. I love the classic belts more than the crap WWE has now for their belts. The classic belts represented an era of prestige and honor.

  5. chris says:

    Misleading title. That is not the classic IC belt. I was thinking the early 90’s or late 80’s belt…not the pre attitude belt.

  6. Gazz says:

    The title is not misleading at all Chris. That belt was introduced back in the mid to late 80’s and was used to represent the title up until late 1997 when they replaced it with the first incarnation of the belt they have now, albeit with the word champion where the name plate is/was and the strap was for some reason a dark purple

  7. conrod529 says:

    they need to get rid of cenas belt and bring back either the undisputed belt or the one before that and they really need to get rid of the tag belts, it looks like they had triple h’s daughter desigh it

  8. rebel says:

    Not quite, the belt had some minor tweaks during its first few years, and this one is slightly different, not just the logo. That said, I’m not a fan of the change, now the design will lose all prestige when we have 73 new champions between now and the end of the year.

  9. rebel says:

    The tag belts suck, which is why they shouldn’t change them, they represent the product perfectly.

  10. Jermz says:

    Who used to wear this belt? What was the timeline for this one? I remember the most recent one they had that looked like a dinner plate. I know Ziggler & Ezekiel Jackson wore it.

  11. matt says:

    well thats one of the first steps to bringing prestigue (sp?) back to the i-c title. thats wat it looked like when it was prestigous. that aside, i think codys been a great i-c champ. hes an awesome heel, hes a great wrestler and he defends it on tv more than any former champion in recent history. not to mention he seems prouder to be i-c champ than anyone recently whose held it. i think codys awesome! he did great with the dashing charecter bein vain and full of himself and transitioned amazingly into the twisted and disturbed charecter he does now. hes got great mic skills and great moves in the ring! (cross rhodes is one of my fav finishers!) if anyone can turn the i-c title around its him! and he defends it a lot more than ziggler does the u.s. title so between the two, i think hes already made it the superior title! so good job cody! u should be proud, champ!

  12. CarlitoFan says:

    Now, THAT… THAT’s cool!

  13. spaz says:

    Nothing against the classic IC title design because I love that belt too, but the modern IC belt wasn’t one that needed the overhaul. The Big Gold Belt and the modern IC belt were the only ones that looked fine as is. Then they decide to switch the design for one of the titles, of course they choose to replace one of the belts that actually looked decent…

  14. Ian says:

    Get rid of the Butterfly title, the tag and the spinner.

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