WWE HELL IN A CELL: Mark Henry (c) vs. Randy Orton (WWE World Title)

Oct 2, 2011 - by Adam Martin

WWE World Heavyweight Championship – Hell in a Cell Match
Mark Henry (c) vs. Randy Orton

We get ring introductions for the challenger Randy Orton and champion Mark Henry. We see a shot of the referee locking the door to the cell. The bell rings and Orton goes after Henry right away. Henry tries sending Orton head first into the side of the cell, but Orton counters and sends Henry into it instead. Orton levels Henry with a big clothesline and tosses him back in the ring. Henry pulls Orton’s shoulder against the steel ring post. Henry then fights back sending Orton into the cell multiple times. Back in the ring, Henry plants Orton with a big powerslam. Henry does the same to Orton on the outside floor as well. Henry tosses Orton into the side of the cell once again. Henry then picks up the top part of the steel steps, put Orton up against the cell, backed up a few feet and launched the steps at Orton. Orton quickly moves out of the way as the steps bounce off the side of the cell. Wow, what a sight that was. Henry then sends Orton face first into the cell and yells, “Welcome to my Hell!” Back in the ring, Henry connects with a body splash over Orton, hooks the leg and Orton gets a shoulder up after the two count. Henry argues with the ref. Henry picks up Orton and drops him over his knee. Henry applies a bearhug on Orton in the middle of the ring. Henry then lifts Orton up and slams him in the corner. On the outside, Henry attempts to slam Orton over the bottom part of the steel steps. When Henry lifts up Orton, Orton grabs the cell and starts climbing up. Orton drops back down kicking Henry and then giving him a DDT over the steps. Orton starts sending Henry into the steel ring post and Henry rolls back in the ring. Orton with a Lou Thesz Press on Henry followed with right hands. Orton with a big dropkick that drops Henry. Orton with a DDT on Henry through the ropes. Orton is calling for the RKO. Henry is up. Orton jumps and connects with the RKO. Henry kicks out after two. Orton is shocked. Orton stands up and backs up to the corner. Henry is just starting to recover getting on his knees. Orton runs at Henry, Henry leaps up, catches Orton and connects with the World’s Strongest Slam out of no where! Henry hooks the leg of Orton and gets the pinfall.

Winner and still WWE World Heavyweight Champion: Mark Henry

After the match, Mark Henry holds up the WWE World Heavyweight Championship and rolls out of the ring as the Hell in a Cell is brought back up. Henry then turns back, grabs a chair from under the ring and rolls back in. Henry gives Orton another World’s Strongest Slam near the corner. Henry grabs the steel chair and puts Orton’s ankle in it. When Henry jumps off from the corner, Orton pulls away and starts rolling away. Orton grabs the chair, hits Henry in the gut with it and cracks it over his back. Henry rolls out and Orton starts chasing him cracking the chair over his back. Orton cracks the chair across the chest of Henry. Orton with another shot to the back of Henry. Orton goes to hit Henry again when Henry kicks him away. Henry gets up and runs away. Orton throws the chair down and shows a look of frustration as the crowd cheers him on.

Backstage, Josh Mathews is with Alberto Del Rio. Del Rio said he shouldn’t be in a match this brutal tonight because he isn’t an animal or criminal. He promises John Cena and CM Punk that they will see a side of him they have never seen before.

* Cody Rhodes is on his way out to the arena.

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