WWE HELL IN A CELL: Christian vs. Sheamus

Oct 2, 2011 - by Adam Martin

Christian vs. Sheamus

Sheamus overpowers Christian in the opening minutes of the match. Sheamus with a headlock takedown keeping Christian grounded. Christian with a slap to Sheamus and Sheamus responds with a big elbow. Christian bails, Sheamus chases him back in the ring and Christian drops Sheamus with another big slap. Sheamus with big forearms to the chest of Christian against the ropes. Christian jumps at Sheamus from the corner, Sheamus catches him and executes a quick fallaway slam. Sheamus goes up top and Christian throws him off. Christian with a flying elbow from the second rope that catches Sheamus in the chest. Sheamus counters a sleeper by Christian dropping back over Christian's body on the mat. Christian with a knee and dropkick combo on Sheamus. Sheamus with a quick powerslam on Christian. Christian drops Sheamus back first off the ropes. Christian jumps from the corner, Sheamus catches him and executes a quick backbreaker over his knee. Sheamus cuts off Christian up on the top rope. Christian jumps down and kicks Sheamus in the face near the corner. Christian with a big tornado DDT on Sheamus. Christian gets a two count. Sheamus counters a Killswitch attempt. Sheamus pulls himself up to the top rope sitting down in the corner and connects with a flying shoulder block. Big pop from the crowd for that. Christian avoids a Brogue Kick. Sheamus with a shoulder to the gut of Christian from the ring apron. Christian drops Sheamus off the ring apron, Sheamus counters a baseball slide and throws Christian to the mat on the outside. Christian with a Spear on Sheamus on the outside. Christian rolls back in with the referee starting the count. Sheamus rolls in at 8. Christian with another Spear, hook of the leg and Sheamus kicks out. Sheamus avoids a flying headbutt from Christian and gets him up for the Celtic Cross. Christian drops down, Sheamus side steps another Spear attempt and catches him with a Brogue Kick. Sheamus covers and gets the pinfall.

Winner: Sheamus

Backstage, Matt Striker is with WWE World Heavyweight Champion Mark Henry. Henry tells Striker to shut up. He mocks Striker's voice saying he knows he will ask about him never competing inside a Hell in a Cell. Henry said it doesn't matter where he faces Randy Orton – Hell in a Cell or a back alley, “Randy Orton is going to join the hall of pain!”

* Sin Cara vs. Sin Cara is up next.

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