WWE HELL IN A CELL: Cena vs. Punk vs. Del Rio (WWE Title)

Oct 2, 2011 - by Adam Martin

WWE Championship – Triple Threat, Hell in a Cell Match
John Cena (c) vs. CM Punk vs. Alberto Del Rio

We got ring introductions for the challengers CM Punk and Alberto Del Rio along with the champion John Cena. We then see a shot of the referee locking the cell door shut with Ricardo Rodriguez looking on from the outside.

The bell rings and CM Punk goes after Alberto Del Rio. Del Rio bails and runs away from Punk. Cena goes after Del Rio and he bails out of the ring once again. Cena jumps out and Del Rio is alone inside the ring when both Punk and Cena go after him. Punk and Cena take turns beating down Del Rio in the corner. Punk gets cheers when he beats down Del Rio and Cena gets boo's when he beats down Del Rio. Punk with a quick rollup on Cena. Few exchanges between the two that ends with Cena on the outside. Del Rio dives through the ropes and almost takes out Cena. Punk then leaps over taking out both. We have a “LET'S GO CENA – CENA SUCKS” chant start up. Punk works over Del Rio in the corner and Punk leaves the ring grabbing a chair from under the ring. Cena hits Punk with a few rights. Punk jumps up on the steel steps daring Cena to run at him when Del Rio launches Punk into the side of the cell. In the ring, Cena catches Del Rio with boots to the face, but Del Rio fires back with a backbreaker. Del Rio grabs a second chair and sets it up in the corner. Cena with big body shots to Del Rio. Cena with his twisting powerbomb that plants Del Rio. Cena with the five knuckle shuffle. Del Rio counters an AA attempt, goes for his armbar and Punk breaks it up with a kick to Del Rio's head. Punk with a reverse neckbreaker and DDT combo on both Cena and Del Rio. Booker T on commentary said Del Rio was out after the kick – only to see Del Rio stand right back up seconds later. Whoops. Punk is bleeding on the side of his back after being tossed into the side of the cell. Punk pulls a table out and sets it up near the ring. Punk jumps up on the ring apron and connects with a knee to the jaw on Cena. JR had to talk loudly over Booker and Cole to emphasize the running knee. Cena then sends Punk face first into the cell. In the ring, Del Rio drops Cena and then gives him a back suplex over the steel chair that was set up. The chair literally buckles when Cena falls over it.

Del Rio has Cena up in the tree of woe and starts choking him with his boot. Del Rio charges and Cena lifts himself up causing Del Rio to hit the steel ring post shoulder first. Cena starts standing on the top rope when Punk trips him up. Punk goes after Del Rio with a springboard clothesline getting a close two count. Punk with a sitdown suplex on Del Rio hooking the leg for another two count. Del Rio levels Punk with a clothesline. Del Rio has a headlock applied on Punk. Cena is back up and comes flying off the top rope with a leg drop over Del Rio for a two count. Del Rio with a backcracker on Cena. Punk drops Cena with a kick. Del Rio takes out Punk. In the ring, Punk and Cena exchange shots. Fans boo for Cena offense and cheer for Punk offense. Del Rio breaks up a GTS attempt with a chair hitting both Punk and then Cena. Del Rio cracks the chair over Cena's back. Del Rio puts the chair on Cena's chest, Del Rio puts Punk over Cena and the chair and jumps off the top rope connecting with a body splash. Del Rio covers both and both kick out after two. Punk counters an armbar attempt from Del Rio and launches him over the top rope to the steel steps. Cena with an AA on Punk, hooks the leg and Del Rio breaks up the pinfall. Del Rio with a kick to the back of Cena's head. Del Rio covers and gets a two count. Del Rio with the armbar on Cena. Punk springboard splashes himself over Cena and Del Rio to break it up. Punk with the GTS on Cena. Punk hooks the leg and Del Rio pulls him out of the ring sending Punk into the side of the cell. Del Rio then sends Punk over the steel steps as well. Del Rio then launches a steel chair right into the knee of Punk. Cena with a rollup on Del Rio for two. Del Rio then grabs Cena and launches him into the side of the cell. Del Rio has a chair and cracks it over Cena's back. In the ring, Punk drops Del Rio with a series of clotheslines. Punk is up top and drops a flying elbow over Del Rio. Cena is back in.

Cena takes out Punk with a twisting powerbomb. Punk with a kick to Cena's head. Punk with a quick scoop slam. Punk is going back up top when Del Rio pushes him off. Punk crashes through the table at ringside. JR brings up how Punk brought the table into play earlier. In the ring, Cena has the STF locked on Del Rio. At ringside, Ricardo Rodriguez knocks out the referee and grabs the cell keys. Rodriguez jumps up on the ring apron dropping a steel pipe. Cena knocks him off and gives Ricardo an AA through the cell door the floor on the outside. Del Rio then hits Cena with the pipe and tosses him out of the cell. Del Rio grabs the cell door keys and locks the door. Cena is locked outside of the Hell in a Cell structure recovering on the outside. Back inside the cell, Del Rio tosses Punk back in the ring. Del Rio with a german suplex into a bridge on Punk for a two count. Punk with a rollup on Del Rio for a close two count. Punk is sitting up top when Del Rio walks the ropes and hits him with a big kick to the head. Punk with kicks to Del Rio's body. Punk with a leg lariat that drops Del Rio. Cena is up and is trying to get back inside the cell, but the door is locked shut. Cena starts looking for the key on Ricardo's body. Cena is now trying to force open the cell door. Punk drops Del Rio in the ring and Del Rio rolls out grabbing the steel pipe. Del Rio hits Punk in the head with it. He then hits the side of the cell in front of Cena. Back in the ring, Punk somehow recovers going for the GTS when Del Rio starts hitting Punk with the pipe. Del Rio with one more shot using the pipe and he covers Punk to get the win.

Winner and new WWE Champion: Alberto Del Rio

After the match, John Cena goes after Alberto Del Rio when the Hell in a Cell is raised back up. The Miz and R-Truth then show up wearing black hoodies and attack Cena, Del Rio and CM Punk. The cell then lowered around the ring again. John Laurinaitis is seen talking to someone about bringing the cell back up. Triple H and other WWE stars come out, but are unable to get involved. Miz and Truth beat down all three men until a bolt cutter was used to gain access inside. Two policemen got inside and handcuffed Miz and Truth. They are taken out of the cell when Triple H attacks both throwing punches. Laurinaitis pulls Triple H back and Triple H pushes him away. Triple H goes back after Miz and Truth when everyone breaks it up. Security holds Triple H back as Miz and Truth are escorted to the back as the PPV goes off the air.

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