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Wrestling By The Numbers: James Maritato

World Wrestling Entertainment has released James ‘Little Guido/Nunzio’ Maritato who had been working for the past nine months with the company as a referee. This was Maritato’s second run with the WWE after spending six years from 2002-2008 as a wrestler with the organization.

The 39-year-old Sicily Italy native first entered professional wrestling in 1991 after being trained by the legendary Billy Robinson. He was a main stay in the original ECW for the company’s last six years of existence. He has also competed in both TNA Wrestling and Ring Of Honor.

Below we look at the professional wrestling career of James Maritato by the numbers…

World Wrestling Entertainment:

* 10 Matches on WWE Pay-Per-View.

* 1 Main Event Match on WWE Pay-Per-View.

* 1 Match Managed on WWE Pay-Per-View.

* 1 Match on WWE Raw.

* 59 Matches on WWE Smackdown.

* 1 Main Event Match on WWE Smackdown.

* 40 Matches (10th Most All-Time) on WWE ECW On Syfy. (First Match: September 24th 1999 Vs Super Crazy Last Match: April 22nd 2008 Vs Mark Henry)

* 6 Main Event Matches on WWE ECW On Syfy.

* 2 Matches on WWE Heat.

* 2 Main Event Matches on WWE Heat.

TNA Wrestling:

* 1 Match on TNA Pay-Per-View.

* 1 Match on TNA Impact Wrestling.

Ring Of Honor Wrestling:

* 7 Matches on ROH Home Video Releases.

* 1 Match on ROH On HDNet.

Extreme Championship Wrestling:

* 18 Matches (2nd Most All-Time) on ECW Pay-Per-View. (First Match: 1997 November To Remember With Tracy Smothers Vs Buh Buh Ray Dudley, D-Von Dudley, New Jack, John Kronus, Balls Mahoney & Axl Rotten Last Match: 2001 Guilty As Charged with Tony Mamaluke Vs Mikey Whipwreck, Yoshihiro Tajiri, Super Crazy & Kid Kash)

* 1 Match Managed on ECW Pay-Per-View.

* 32 Matches (15th Most All-Time) on ECW Home Video Releases. (First Match: 1996 Big Ass Extreme Bash With El Puerto Ricano Vs Bad Crew # 1 & Bad Crew # 2 Last Match: 2000 Beer Blood Babes & Barbwire With Tony Mamaluke Vs Danny Doring & Roadkill)

* 1 Main Event Match on ECW Home Video Releases.

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