Steve Austin talks Hulk Hogan

Sep 28, 2011 - by Steve Gerweck

Steve Austin is interviewed in the latest issue of UK-based Fighting Spirit Magazine. He discusses his early years in the business as well as more recent topics such as CM Punk breaking the forth wall and WWE opting not to use Jim Ross in the broadcast booth at Summerslam. He also talks about his feelings towards Hulk Hogan and whether there is any real bad blood between them. “(Hogan) can stir up the shit pretty good, but, with that being said, people always think that we have heat. I don’t have heat with that guy; I have so much respect for what he’s done in the world of wrestling. He put it on the map in the ’80s, and had one of, if not the greatest run in the history of the business. So I have nothing but respect for that guy, from a business standpoint.” You can read and find out more about FSM at:

(source: The Wrestling Globe Newsletter)

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