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Update on Jesse Ventura

Former Minnesota Governor and WWE hall of famer Jesse “The Body” Ventura was a guest on today’s Alex Jones radio show. In the interview, Ventura said that the third season of “Conspiracy Theory” will wrap up production in December, and the new eight episodes will likely air in early 2012. Ventura also said that he is working on a new book, and is still willing to consider running with Rep. Ron Paul of Texas if he would leave the Republican party and run as a Libertarian.

Ventura is still awaiting word on his lawsuit against the TSA. He said if the case is dismissed, he would hold a press conference. In the interim, Ventura is sticking to his pledge of not flying to avoid being groped.

“The Body” said that fans should boycott the NFL for adopting a groping policy for fans entering stadiums, and suggested a national day of boycotting flying to send a message about groping. Ventura noted it would be a good idea to promote the boycott, and suggested to do it on the nation’s birthday – July 4th of next year.

The former WWE and WCW commentator also talked about staying fit, lifting weights and doing about six miles a day on the treadmill.

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  1. McMahon says:

    Boycotting NFL games on the 4th of July isn’t going to have much of an impact. I guess that’s why Heenan was The Brain and Ventura was The Body.

  2. Fisha695 says:

    Anybody wanna bet if this whole “Let’s sue HHH/Conspiracy Theory” storyline that’s going on now will tie into Ventura guest-hosting Raw?

  3. T says:

    @McMahon – your reading comprehension skills seem to be lacking as it clearly says “national day of boycotting FLYING to send a message about groping”

  4. McMahon says:

    I’ll keep your keen eye in mind next time I’m making a joke about a wrestler’s nickname.

  5. N. Gaijin says:

    A national day of boycotting flying?

    Well gee, someone get a forward going on those internets, maybe if enough of us decide not to fly for ONE WHOLE DAY, we’ll bring them to their knees. While I can appreciate what Ventura is trying to accomplish here, let’s be realistic, how is any day-long boycott going to get anything done? I know the idea is hit them where it hurts (their wallets), but a boycott (especially one that lasts only a day long) against a major corporation(s) serves more function as a token gesture than actually causing any financial problems. There’s also the fact that the TSA is a government institution (a branch of the Dept of Homeland Security), and not actually paid by the airline. You’d have better luck having a “let’s not pay our taxes” day (sarcasm folks).

    It’s a shame Ventura took a ride on the crazy train and never came back, he actually has some pretty good ideas… some.

  6. McMahon says:

    I’m pretty sure that Ventura would be fine with some sort of tax boycott. I love how crazy he is. It’s just unfortunate that the intelligent things he says get lost in, well, everything else he says.

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