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credit: Erin Bunuan

- Booker T stars interviewing Mark Henry to start Smackdown

- Mark Henry vs The Great Khali – Mark Henry wins. Mark Henry takes bodyslams onto a chair to hurt Khali’s ankle/leg

- Evan Bourne vs Jack Swagger – Swagger wins with ankle lock

- Sin Cara vs Heath Slater – Sin Cara beat him in a minute literally

- Hunico debuted on screen with new gear and cuts a promo

- Kelly Kelly vs Natalya Beth on commentary – Kelly wins Beth glamslams Kelly

- Cody vs Sheamus for the IC title – Christian attacks Sheamus So DQ

- Zack Ryder vs JTG Ryder wins

- Randy Orton vs Christian – double count out Cody comes to stop Orton from RKOing Christian Sheamus comes out to chase Christian. Henry come out to get a fallen RKO but he RKOs him

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  1. Jonathan says:

    I think that marks gonna win at hell in a cell and the big show comes back and face mark henry at vengeance for the world title.

  2. Ryan says:

    Ryder Vs. JTG was the main event? Overall it sounds like a terrible SD!

  3. matt says:

    orton still has to fight christian

  4. Smackdown Panda says:

    Three cheers for Hunico! He gets to shine on his own, now.

    On a side note… no Usos, Tamina, or Primo makes me a sad panda bear.

  5. Brian Redban says:

    I long for the day when I see the headline “Orton vs cancer”.

  6. crash holly says:

    Awesome show! WWE is the beeeeeeeeeeest.

  7. Angry customer says:

    Randy Orton VS Christian was the main event

  8. GERRY says:

    hey panda, if you havent noticed primo hasnt been on raw or smackdown tv for at least 6 months now, not to mention WWE is repeating on burying drew mcintyre on superstars, he hasnt won a match in a while on there

  9. Nuff Said says:

    I am hoping Mark wins Hell in a Cell, then faces a Fatal 4 way at Vengeance with Big Show, Kane and the Undertaker

  10. Criss Brian says:

    Hunico as Hunici, yay! Zack Ryder, yay! Everything else, BOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

  11. chris says:

    wow, way to kill an angle wwe. Could have had an old school mask vs mask or a match to see who can keep the Sin cara name.

    People give TNA crap over their booking as of late…WWE has actually gotten alot worse. I feel like I’m watching the slow decline of a once great franchise.

    Looks like another Friday watching college football on ESPN.

  12. Brandon says:

    Why is it that the same 4 Divas are in matches every week? Beth, Kelly, Natalya, and Eve. Where’s A.Fox? Or Tamina? Tired of this same old, same old.

  13. james says:

    Where’s Wade?

  14. Hans says:

    Ryan, this isn’t live. They can mix up the order. Note: CAN. Does not mean they will.

  15. conrod529 says:

    HEY CHRIS, you probably shouldnt of waited till the actual show was on tv before saying anything about the sin cara thing

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