WWE and TNA TV ratings from the UK

Sep 25, 2011 - by Steve Gerweck

From Ian Hamilton:

A few weeks’ worth of UK TV ratings here for the end of August and the first part of September. It’s including the first few weeks after TNA made their move to Sundays (previously Impact aired on a Tuesday night, five days after it aired in the US; it’s now on a three day tape delay on the same channel):

Raw – all numbers are for the live airing/2am Tuesday morning – drew 101,000 for the August 22 show (w/e Aug 28) -down 35,000/-33% on the prior week – drew 153,000 for the August 29 show (w/e Sep 4) – up 52,000/+51% – drew 146,000 for the September 3 show (w/e Sep 11) -down 7,000/-5%

SmackDown – all for the first airing on Friday nights – drew 97,000 for the August 26 show (w/e Aug 28) – down 23,000/-19% – drew 72,000 for the September 2 show (w/e Sep 4) -down 25,000/-26% – no rating for the September 9 show (w/e Sep 11)

TNA Impact – the August 18 show drew 209,000 airing on August 23 -down 9,000/-4% – the August 25 show drew 194,000 airing on August 28 -this was Impact’s first airing on a Sunday, it’s new regular slot – down 15,000/-7% – the September 1 show drew 180,000 airing on September 4 – down 14,000/-7% – the September 8 show drew 149,000 airing on September 11 – down 31,000/-17%

As you can see, the move to Sundays has not been kind for Impact, as it’s lost 60,000 viewers in it’s first three weeks on Sunday. Not good at all, but next week should show whether the No Surrender rating suffers- and whether people only watched TNA in midweek when it was on, as opposed to DVR it or catch it late on Sunday night at the end of the weekend.

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