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News on Steve Austin, Randy Orton, and Cody Rhodes

From Zack Fisher:

-Steve Austin offered a critical assessment of Randy Orton’s character performance during an interview for the latest issue of Power Slam.

When asked to name which wrestlers he believes can evolve into “money-drawing players” for WWE, Austin said of The Viper, “His promos need work, and right now, he’s a little one-dimensional. The crowds are digging him, but there’s still another step on the ladder for him to climb to.”

Orton responded to Austin’s remarks last night on Twitter.

He wrote, “Austin is right, there is still room for me to move up the ladder. And I will. Watch me.”

-According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, during Tuesday’s Smackdown taping (which airs tonight), Cody Rhodes was in fact busted open legitimately by a shot with the timekeeper’s ring bell, not by his own mask as was speculated by many writers of the Smackdown spoilers.

Photos are also available online featuring Cody being cleaned up by trainers as he is covered in dried blood from his head to his legs. Word is that the camera work during the bloody angle was mostly focused on Orton’s face and not showing Rhodes at all. The Observer also reports that the segment will be heavily edited in order to show little or no blood on tonight’s broadcast.

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  1. Agent Cooper says:

    Austin is absolutely right about Orton’s mic “skills” or lack thereof. His promos are endlessly boring and they always have been. His monotone delivery could put a tweaker to sleep. Then again, most of the current roster is severely lacking in promo ability and charisma in general.

  2. -Jay- says:

    they edited the blood well except when orton first hit him in the replay then you could see a fountain, and austin has a point.

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