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Many signs confiscated at WWE Night of Champions

We receive multiple reports that many signs were confiscated at last night’s WWE Night of Champions PPV in Buffalo, NY. Such signs confiscated included:

“Wish Benoit was here”
“Michael Cole equals low ratings”
“WWE owns UFC”

Security also reportedly told fans not to use profanity since children were present.


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  1. Hans says:

    Botchamania signs were probably also among them x3 Love that YT show

  2. AJ Starr says:

    WWE are the biggest hypocrites in the business.

    “Express yourself, WWE Universe… unless it’s something we don’t want you to say.”

    Do they realize… business or not… unless it’s something offensive, stifling someone’s right to free speech can get them sued?

    And before ANYONE makes an idiot comment, it CAN happen. I recently left my new job because my boss ordered me to cover up my tattoos, which she can not legally do unless they are offensive, because according to the law, they fall under freedom of expression as well.

    Someone’s personal opinion, whether they be a boss or business owner, do not outweigh our rights.

    WWE just continue to embarrass themselves, and push fans away.

  3. Kerry says:

    “unless it’s something offensive, stifling someone’s right to free speech can get them sued”

    Maybe so, and while I agree with you, remember that what isn’t offensive to one person might be to another.

  4. JD Storm says:

    one of these days, WWE is going to pull a bonehead move similar to TNA. fans, even though you paid for your tickets, we view you as staff. as such, we need you to cheer & jeer the people that we want. it helps to tell a storyline.

  5. AttitudeEra12 says:

    I can see why the Benoit one was confiscated but the others are fine…..

  6. mshelez says:

    Like AttitudeEra12, I can understand the Benoit onces but not the others. That said, even though they keep taking away signs, it doesn’t seem to hurt the WWE so it’s not going to stop.

  7. AJ Starr says:

    The Benoit one… yes, I can understand it to an extent.

    Kerry… can’t please everyone. If someone doesn’t like something, they are more than welcome to not look at it, hear it, touch it, smell it, or be in the same room as it.

    My tats are my birthday and a couple tribals… nothing anywhere near offensive. My boss looked at me and said; “I don’t allow visible tattoos in MY restaurant.” She’s not even the owner, just the manager. I told her what the law is… and that last month my uncle’s boss tried the same thing to their factory, and their union rep came right in with a lawyer and threatened a massive strike for trying to break their 1st Amendment Rights. I guess there is a loophole in the law, that unless a tat is actually offensive… like skulls, nudity, etc… at least in my state… they are not allowed to tell you to cover them. She looked right at me and said; “I don’t care what the law is, I don’t allow them to be visible in MY restaurant.”

    Turns out… she goes through close to a hundred employees a year (with only 12 on pay at a time) because she does that to everyone. Can’t wait until someone gets that place shut down.

  8. Mark says:

    I was the guy who held up the Benoit sign….they didn’t just take it away…I was kicked out of the arena by security, who actually elbowed me in the face and I have the bruise to prove it….I agree with everyone here…I paid $250 for my ticket and have the right to freedom of speech….if they wanted to censor it…check the signs at the door…No one told me i would be kicked out….There are no disclaimers about that…No videos, no laser pens, ect…..nothing about if you bring this sign you will be thrown out of the arena

  9. -Jay- says:

    The Cole one is true…take note WWE take note.

  10. Criss Brian says:

    Somebody should threaten a law suit, cause I know I sure as hell would. If they don’t want it, they need some sort of disclaimer. It’s just bogus

  11. chris says:

    I got a call this morning from a friend who went to the PPV. He was telling me how security took his anti-cena signs (something he noticed they did to a few other people). His friend that was with him was wearing a ROH shirt, and was told that he was going to be asked to leave the event if he did not turn the shirt inside out. He was given a Miz shirt to wear.

  12. MoonGoose McQueen says:

    Some of these stories aren’t true. Like the anti-Cena signs, as evidenced by Cena hanging out with the “I Hate Cena” Guy after winning a title a bit ago.

    As far as “Freedom of speech” and signs relating to tatoos…

    You’re wrong, we had a guy sue my buisness about a year back because our garage does not allow visible tatoos, and he lost. It was clearly stated in the employee handbook he signed off on and agreed to. So no, you don’t always have blanket “I can show tatoos if they aren’t ‘Offensive’ protection”.

  13. Kyle Christie says:

    @Mark if thats true you should definitly do something about it sue or whatver im not really clever in all that things and @chris your friend’s friend the good thing that came out of that is that he got a free Miz shirt so not that bad. But i guess i agree about the freedom of speech thing and if any1 saw the Benoit sign they prob would of went oh then never remembered it and the Cole thing doesn’t really matter does it he is a heel character so the sign is playing to his character and WWE owns UFC why would that get taken down and i seen that 1 front row people saying they like your product over another.

  14. chris says:

    moongoose, He had two signs, one that read “Cena fears Jobbing” and a second one that read “Buffalo hates Cena” Both were taken away from him.

  15. TG says:

    You give up certain rights when you purchase a ticket to their show. Would a “F–k Cena” sign be OK? Of course not, though legally nothing wrong with it. This is not new. They control photographing and videotaping, too. Like going to a private school, the purchase of a ticket to a TV show forfeits some rights. Sue away!

  16. TakerNGN74 says:

    I saw a sign that said “Wish Benoit was here” so my guess would be that the origional sign was confiscated and that the person made a new one once they got into the arena. Unless two people had the same exact sign and one got taken that would just be a weird coincidence.

  17. Neumanrko9 says:

    haha not gonna lie I laughed when I saw the “Wish Benoit was here” as one of the confiscated signs on here

  18. AJ Starr says:

    TG, by law, you can only do that, if the sign is actually something terrible… like swear words or something M.A.

    What you just said, is that once you buy a ticket, they have a right to treat you like garbage, and take away your rights as a citizen, which is absolute crap.

    Making someone change their shirt, taking away signs saying a HEEL sucks… yeah… WWE is showing some real class treating their paying customers that way.

    By the way… you can sue for that. Unlawful ejection from the arena and no refund? That would go straight to a judge.

  19. T says:

    I am not American and I am shocked how few of you know about the 1st Amendment. Yes what the WWE is doing sucks, but they are within their legal rights. Best way to do something about it is boycott or let others know what they are doing.

    @AJ yes you can sue but you would not win the case as cases like this (Chargers Security v. Jason Ensign) have set precedent.

  20. Jeff Lindberg says:

    I had several signs confiscated during show. Me and my friends were front row camera side(I was wearing an OJ Simpson jersey and clear/gray shades). Here is a sampling of signs taken from us:
    “Entertainment is good. Wrestling is Better!”
    “WWE owns UFC”
    “Heel Section”
    “Salhab is a face”
    “Hogan owns Bret”
    “CM Sucks”

    The kicker was my friend had an Intercontinental Title with WWF logo on it and he was told to either put it down or they were gonna take it or kick him out…unreal. The guys who were taking them from us were pretty cool about it, but whenever the signs came up they were being told to get them out of there quick.

  21. Kyle Christie says:

    @AJ Starr What does M.A. mean? Also @Jeff Lindberg I seen all the signs except Heel Section when was that held up and did u have the Commentary Gold and think was a pic of Booker T on it was that u?

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