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Main event announced for WWE Hell in a Cell

Just announced for WWE Hell in a Cell PPV in two weeks…

Hell in a Cell – Triple Threat Match for the WWE championship

John Cena vs. Albert Del Rio vs. CM Punk

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  1. ak91 says:

    cm punk should win that, get the title away from john cena for once!!!

  2. soccer20649 says:

    if cm punk wins the title cena will just get it back at vengeance

  3. -Jay- says:

    They should just officially change the name of the WWE title to The Cena.

  4. echo says:

    Cena needs to keep the belt (as much as nobody wants to hear that) or else the constant title changes will make the belt meaningless.

  5. asdf says:

    @echo – Agreed, constant title changes make it seem meaningless. But in my opinion, Cena has won the title 3 times since May, so it’s already meaningless.

  6. Randy says:

    Guys remember the main event at wm 29, it is for the wwe championship (the rock vs. cena) so that is why cena is getting all the wins for the title so be patient they will have new story lines after that and then it may envolve rock we never know things change in this company like we change underwear! well atleast i hope we all change our underwear?

  7. Derailleur says:

    Rock vs Cena match is one of the biggest matches in history already. The title on the line makes no sense.

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