NIGHT OF CHAMPIONS: Kelly Kelly vs. Beth Phoenix (WWE Women's Title)

Sep 18, 2011 - by Adam Martin

WWE Divas Championship
Kelly Kelly (c) w/ Eve Torres vs. Beth Phoenix w/ Natalya

Beth Phoenix got a big reaction for being the hometown girl. Lock up and then Kelly goes for a headlock. Beth with a quick takedown. Kelly responds landing on her feet when Beth attempts a hip toss. A loud “KELLY SUCKS” chant starts up. Kelly with a close rollup. Kelly with a leg lock and choking Beth against the ropes. Kelly goes up top, but Beth catches her. Beth drops Kelly over her knee and starts spanking her. Beth kicks Kelly in the stomach and then applies pressure on her head with her boot. Beth catapults Kelly into the bottom rope. Kelly with a counter and bulldog on Beth. Natalya pulls Beth out of the ring. Eve runs up and clotheslines Natalya. Beth pulls Eve off of Natalya and gets back in the ring. Kelly with a small package for a two count. Beth drops Kelly with a big clothesline. Beth puts Kelly up on the top turnbuckle and throws a few elbows. Beth with a huge superplex on Kelly from the top. Beth covers Kelly and Kelly kicks out after two. Kelly counters the Glam Slam and gets a rollup for the three count.

Winner and still WWE Divas Champion: Kelly Kelly

After the match, Beth Phoenix sits up and is shocked. Michael Cole says Beth choked in her hometown.

A video package runs hyping Alberto Del Rio vs. John Cena.

* Alberto Del Rio defending the WWE Championship against John Cena is up next.

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