Lucha Libre News and Notes

Sep 18, 2011 - by Kris Zellner

– Rayo de Jalisco Jr. gave a great interview on Thursday where he mentioned that the reason why the EMLL shows in Guadalajara aren’t drawing that well is because EMLL Director Panico has blocked major events from happening on those shows (by major events he means himself.) Rayo kept going saying that the young guys who the promotion is pushing right now don’t have the charisma or working ability that guys of his generation had and that fans love the older wrestlers for that reason. Rayo also lobbied EMLL to create a Hall of Fame similar to WWE so they can properly honor legends like himself.

– Voltaje Negro who has been a Monterrey undercard mainstay for years was part of a group who led an attack of Casino Royale in Monterrey on 8/21 using grenades which left 52 dead. This attack happened 5 days after he worked a show at Arena Solidaridad.

– On Friday night, Balls Mahoney & Low Rider defeated Angel o Demonio & Juventud Guerrera at Arena IWL de Tultitlan. On the same card, Mad Man Pondo beat Ovett in a hardcore match.

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